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TransgenderDate Review 2022

TransgenderDate Review 2022
About Site
Active Audience 66%
Quality Matches 76%
Popular Age 27-35
Profiles 890 000
Reply Rate 79%
Ease of Use 7.5
Popularity 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • All the features are free on the platform
  • Profiles are quite insightful and highly informative
  • This site has a video and audio live chat feature
  • You can upload up to 500 photos to your profile’s photo gallery
  • Members can express their thoughts in blog form
  • No functioning mobile app
  • The design is kind of archaic
  • The customer support team isn’t very effective

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TransgenderDate is a dating service that provides a safe and secure platform for transsexual people to find love. Due to the imperfect nature of society at large, trans people are often marginalized and avoided when it comes to romantic relationships; this is a problem that TransgenderDate has been working to solve. With over 110,000 members, this site has succeeded in creating a community of Trans people and non-trans people interested in dating Trans people. This site’s noble intentions and successful execution make it a great dating site and one we highly recommend.

How Does it work?

TransgenderDate functions very effectively and makes sure its site is easy to use and not too complicated. This site is free to all users and doesn’t have any form of subscription whatsoever. All you have to do to join this site is complete the sign-up process and log into your account. It’s that easy! Once you’ve done that, you can proceed to create your profile, set it up and fill in the necessary information, and start interacting.

This site provides some dope features that help users stand out amongst other dating sites to help users have a pleasant experience. Among these features is its very user-friendly member control panel. This helps users navigate through all the functions provided by the site for finding matches and interaction. Among the control, panel items are your inbox, notification box, photo gallery, account settings, profile manager, search function, etc. This site also has a blog feature that enables users to share their thoughts in blog form. This is especially useful because it helps create a sense of community on the platform and helps users bond outside their private inboxes.

Members already use the blog feature to share information on topics relating to Transgender dating and the transgender lifestyle in its totality. All the features provided by this site create an excellent platform for transgender dating and social networking.

Sign-Up & Login Process On TransgenderDate

Sign-Up & Login Process On TransgenderDate

To join TransgenderDate, you will be required to go through a proper registration process. Because this site is dedicated to protecting the privacy of its users and preventing scammers and bigots from finding their way into this site, they have a fraud-proof registration process that makes sure that no one can access the site with falsified information.

Hence, the first step in creating an account on TransgenderDate is to fill the registration form. To get to the registration form, you have to check out the homepage. The registration form is the first thing you’ll see on the site; it takes up about 50% of the site’s homepage. The registration form has a list of several sections which you are required to fill. These sections include:

  • your gender identity
  • the gender you’re interested in
  • your chosen username
  • your email address
  • your zip code
  • and a captcha test

After this, you should read the terms and conditions of the site and then click the Register button and proceed to the TransgenderDate log in page where you will be required to create a password, select your date of birth and only after this will you be able to proceed to the site.

Once you get on the site, you should immediately begin the process of creating your profile. This is a critical step because your profile is the one that connects other users to you and helps them decide whether they’re interested in you. So don’t leave your profile blank, doing that will make you seem very unapproachable and suspicious even. This site provides a series of categories of information for you to fill in.

Among these are your age, gender, sexual orientation, the gender you’re interested in, whether you smoke, have pets, etc. Because you will be judged on your profile’s quality, you need to make sure you fill in all the available sections; the more you fill in, the more attractive you seem. If your profile is well detailed and exciting to read, you gain a better chance of being messaged and getting your messages replied. However, no questions are obligatory, and you can choose to skip questions you aren’t comfortable with answering.

You should also fill in the bio section, which requires you to write about yourself, interesting things about yourself to be specific. This is done so that you will be able to express your personality and not just facts about yourself. So take your time on this one and write the most engaging bio you can come up with.

You will also need to verify your account. This will require you to click the verify tab on your taskbar and follow the instructions. You will be given a number to write on a piece of paper, take a picture with, and upload. Your account will be verified after 24 hours; in most cases, it takes over 24 hours, so just have 48 hours in mind. The picture will be deleted as soon as you’re verified, and you will have the freedom to upload whatever picture you want to upload.

Profile Interface On TransgenderDate

This site is an anomaly because everyone seems to be making an active effort to have fascinating profiles and fill their profiles to maximum capacity. The profiles are engaging and very insightful, detailed to the max. The accounts on the platform are also very engaging because of the sense of community provided by TransgenderDate; all its members are amicable and welcoming.

How To Get Matched and Communicate On TransgenderDate

Getting matched on TransgenderDate isn’t tricky at all. Several profiles will be recommended on your homepage to make things super easy for you. You can click on any one that catches your interest and message them instantly. There is no limit to the recommended profiles. You can keep scrolling till you find something that suits your fancy.

These profiles will be recommended according to how well they match with the information on your profile. It also takes into account its proximity to your next location. This is done so that you have something in common with whoever you contact, and you won’t need any cheesy pick-up lines to break the ice. This is why it’s essential to fill your profile correctly; this way, the recommended matches will be more likely to suit your taste.

TransgenderDate Members Structure and Activities

TransgenderDate Members Structure and Activities

This site has a total membership of 110,000 members. This is a very great number for a niche dating site, especially one that functions so well. TransgenderDate has discovered an effective system for running this site and maximizing their available members with years of activity behind them. No matter what time you log in, there are always people active on the platform who you can communicate with, regardless of your gender or the gender you’re attracted to.

  • Geographical Locations

Most users of this site are located in the United States. This is because the site is based in the United States and does most of its advertisement there. This is great news for trans people who live in the United States and Canada, but those who live outside North America might not be so happy about this.

This is because it will be tough to find members of this group who live in your region. If you manage to find someone in this group who doesn’t mind a long-distance relationship, it will be challenging for you to meet them in real life, so you’ll have to decide whether it is worth it.

Users Age

This site’s users tend to fall between the ages of 20 and 30. The reason for this is not in any way apparent. Perhaps this was the particular age demographic targeted during marketing. Maybe it is because the United States only recently began to embrace the idea that people can be transgender. Either way that is the age demographic of the members of TransgenderDate.

Sexual Preferences Info

This platform is extremely diverse when it comes to sexual identity. Most of the members identify as part of the LGBT community. Even though there are more heterosexual people on the platform, there are also many bisexual and homosexual members. Why is this? Mainly because the platform encourages diversity and welcomes people from different sexual backgrounds to join. Homophobia won’t be tolerated on TransgenderDate. Discrimination goes against everything this brand stands for.

Race and Ethnicity Details

This site has a much higher white membership. However, there is still some diversity concerning race. All races are represented strongly on the platform—White, Hispanic, Asian, Black; all races are present on the platform. There is no form of racial discrimination present on the platform. Any racist act will immediately lead to the termination of the perpetrator’s account.

Religious Orientations Explained

This is not a religion-focused website. Hence it doesn’t matter what your beliefs are. Discrimination is not tolerated, and you are free to share your thoughts and ideas—do let the customer support representatives know if you meet rigid people who insult others based on their beliefs.

What Are The Notable Features Of The TransgenderDate Dating Website

What Are The Notable Features Of The TransgenderDate Dating Website?

This site has numerous features for various purposes. There is a search feature. The search feature allows you to find profiles that suit your tastes and have the closest proximity to your location. It enables you to filter your search results. The search results can be filtered according to several parameters such as new members, online now, age, gender, sexuality, etc. You can also use the custom filter option; this enables you to filter your results according to age and location.

There are also features available for communication on TransgenderDate, such as:

  • Private Inbox: A private inbox is a tool for instant messaging and chatting with other members of this site on a one on one basis. The private inbox allows you to send files such as images, audio files, videos, and normal text.
  • Chat Rooms: The chat room feature allows several users to chat with each other at the same time, like a conference via text. This is very similar to the Facebook and WhatsApp group chat feature. You can either join an already established chat room or create your own and invite members of the site to join you.
  • Blog Feature: The blog feature allows users to express their thoughts in blog form. All the members of his site will be able to access your blog and view your blog post. You will also be able to view the blog posts of other members and comment on them.
  • Matching System: This site has an automatic matching system that regularly suggests matches to every user. The site is very invested in helping its members get matched, so it is no surprise that they would have this feature despite their outdated layout. The matching system uses the site’s database to source information and organizes lists of members who are most likely to be perfect matches for each other. This way, the members won’t have a hard time finding members that suit their unique tastes.
  • Search Feature: To search on TransgenderDate, you will have to use the search function displayed on your homepage’s taskbar. The search function will allow you to discover lists of profiles that suit your unique tastes and location. It allows you to filter your search results to suit what you’re looking for at that moment. The search results can be filtered according to recently updated profiles, new members, the highest-rated profiles, gender, sexuality, etc. You can also use the custom filter option; this enables you to filter your results according to age and location.
How Safe & Secure Is TransgenderDate

How Safe & Secure Is TransgenderDate?

TransgenderDate is pretty safe to use. This site takes security very seriously. They are meticulous about protecting your personal information and only provide the authorities with the required data legally. The important thing is that you’re smart and vigilant. Make sure you don’t give your personal information to anyone you haven’t grown to trust, or even better someone you have not met in real life.

Is TransgenderDate a Legitimate Website or a Scam?

This site is very legitimate. TransgenderDate has years of high functioning service provision behind them. To further prove that they’re legitimate, they don’t even charge anything for their services. Their services are completely free, and their site is very secure. Despite giving free service, they provide better security for their customers than most dating sites that you have to pay to use. Plus, their ads are minimal, so we can safely conclude that this is not a fraudulent dating site.

Subscription Types and Price Variations On TransgenderDate

This site provides completely free services. This means you don’t have to pay a single dime to use this site. All their features are made available for free, and anyone can access them. As long as you’ve been accepted as a member of this site and verified, you have no problem with payments or further subscriptions.

Free Membership Option

As we’ve stated numerous times in this article, this site is completely free. So, there is only a free membership option available. This means that all the features of this site are made available regardless of whether you’ve paid anything. You can’t even pay anything; there are no payment options.

There are absolutely no payment options on the platform; no further subscription plans are available either. All you have to do to join this site and access the full reaches of this site’s features is register and sign up. That’s all, no hassle about payments and certainly no bots trying to seduce you into upgrading to a paid subscription option. This site is as good as it gets.

Website Design and Usability On TransgenderDate

Website Design and Usability On TransgenderDate

If we’re honest, the design of this site is rather old and boring. It’s like this site was designed in the 70s and hasn’t been upgraded since then. It’s almost as if it was meant to be used on a first-generation computer or something. But this site succeeds when it comes to ease of use and navigability. This site can be used very easily, all the features are easy to identify and use, and the navigation is seamless.

Does TransgenderDate Have A Mobile App?

Unfortunately, this site doesn’t have a mobile app. This is a big disadvantage, and we’re pretty sure that TransgenderDate would have more users if it provided a mobile app. Well, the platform is not so bad. All the features you need are available on the website, and you can access them through your mobile browser.

Contact Information

Company: TransgenderDate, Inc

Address: unavailable

Phone: unavailable

E-mail: info@transgenderdate.com



The one flaw this site has is its boring design. Besides that, everything else is quite perfect. The site is completely free to use and customer-centered. We highly recommend this site. Countless users are ready to chat, so you should give it a try!

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