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The League Review 2022

The League Review 2022
About Site
Active Audience 88%
Quality Matches 88%
Popular Age 18-25
Profiles 1 700 000
Reply Rate 91%
Ease of Use 8.4
Popularity 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Extensive screening and vetting processes for authenticity.
  • Quality services with guiding principles
  • Regular login to the app makes you a prioritized member
  • Singles network events are available on the app
  • Expensive membership fee
  • A limited number of matches daily.

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The League is a dating site that helps to simplify the complexity of finding a match. It is designed for people with values and standards. So, no matter how high you think your standards are, you do not have to bring them down, because you think there are no people that would match. This is where you get to know that your spec exists, not just in your fantasy but also in reality.

Thinking of a partner with professional standards, intelligence, independent, classy, ambitious, and maybe sophisticated, they are present and can be found in the League. People who have no successful record of what they do may hardly scale through the process of being on the League. Discourse on high standards is highly reflected on this platform: this means that the League is exclusively for those whose profile meets the requirements.

Your professional status and value traits determine if you would be admitted on this dating site. If you are clear about your choice of partner and also have what it takes to be on the League, then read through as we provide you with all the necessary details. Are you worried about looking for a match? Keep calm, the League screens, and suggest possible matches that you get to see via video calls, signing up on the League, makes you a member. But to enjoy the full package, you would have to upgrade your account.

The League uses a dating app that you can download for free, and you become eligible for three possible matches every day, given that you log infrequently. Details of your profile are extracted from your LinkedIn and Facebook accounts to determine if you would scale through the screening process. Based on our intense research, findings on the app show that subscribing members are at an advantage as they have a 40% chance to see more people compared to the free membership users of the League.

The League Review 2020

How Does the League Work?

The League works strictly based on your preference and profile, which undergoes review by the League team, and afterward, they send you matches that suit your choice. This means that the matches you get are determined by the criteria’s filled out for your ideal partner. There is no problem being specific about your match preference, note that extreme narrowing of preference can limit your prospects.

Happy hours on the League is the time your preferred matches are sent: this happens at 5 pm every day. And if you’re just about to ask, your time zone is not a challenge here. Purchasing a full membership guarantees the review of your profile within 48 hours. With this, you don’t have to wait too long on the waitlist before you find a potential match. There is something called the League score, and it is yours to boost. This means that you have to be active on the app, thoroughly complete your profile and also, stay out of trouble. By this, we suggest that you avoid being reported. Once all these are checked, you can be assured of a kind League score.

Furthermore, you have the opportunity to boost your profile if you think you are not getting enough matches frequently. All you need to do is get a 5 League ticket; this will make 50 people who are your preference see your profile. With this, your chances are increased.

How the League works, download the app, then log in using your LinkedIn and Facebook. You would be required to fill out the specific information. Once your review is successful, and you are admitted, you will get prospects. These prospects are your matches, and you get them based on your membership level. On the other hand, if the League rejects your review, a notification is sent to inform you that your profile did not make it through the review process. Not to worry, you can always try again as long as you adhere to requirements. Priority is placed on your LinkedIn account, this way, you are not matched with your colleague,

As a free member, you should upgrade your membership in the League; otherwise, you would get kicked out if you don’t log in for 1 month. Members who log in daily or frequently get as much as 10% additional match opportunities. Guess what happens when you don’t log in regularly, you get demoted! Are you wondering if this is some sort of class? The League has got to do what it takes to let you know they are in for business.

That is not all; you get kicked out when you steadily fail to respond to messages, especially, first messages. This is to ensure that members do not take others for granted. Sometimes, a member can find their match but choose not to respond to delivered messages. These members are referred to as “flaky.” These are some principles that guide how the League operates. Unique, right? You can confirm that. Often, those that are kicked out can become members again when they upgrade their subscription. Fair enough.

How Does the League Work?

Sign-Up & Login Process

Signing up requires that your profile gotten from LinkedIn and Facebook are vetted, and application confirmed before you can use the League. Also, there is a need to have the required number of photographs: 6 of them and a filled out bio, which is also known as “About me.” The next section takes you to where you pick your desired partners criteria, age preference, gender, location, education, religion, and ethnicity. Priority is given when you follow instructions and provide detailed requirements as requested. You would be on the waitlist while your profile is reviewed, paid membership hastens your profile review within 48 hours. A message will be sent if your membership is approved.

The login process becomes easy once the app is downloaded. Enter your user account details, password, and you are in!

Profile Interface

Your profile is highly crucial here: if your social media profiles (LinkedIn and Facebook) do not meet up with the League standards, your membership will not be confirmed. Your profile is a big deal on this site and a determining factor. This implies that if you do not meet the professional, intellectual, and elitist standards of the League, your admission will be shaky. Your bio needs to be entered, necessary information about your preference correctly filled, and then, you get on the waitlist for a review and subsequent confirmation of your account.

Profile interface


At the completion of your profile, you would be made to wait while the reviewers do their job with your location in consideration. Less stressful, right? You can confirm this once your League profile has been approved.

Video dating is unique to the League: this feature is known as League Live. It is usually for single: it allows them to participate in 3 minutes video date with 3 potential matches on specific days and time, usually 9 pm on Wednesdays and Sundays. This would save you the stress of planning a first date.

In the League, the Home Run notification is a big deal. When you get this, you know that a match you like also liked your profile, either of you can start sending messages. In case you are no longer interested in the match, you can cancel it by clicking on X and selecting “expire” in the top right corner of the app. Provide a reason for expiring your match, and you are good.

It is good to bear in mind that matches get expired! Thus, if you get a match and you delay conversations or not respond to their messages for an extended period, it gets expired with little or no chances of a rematch. One way to avoid this is to be sure of what you want before accepting a match. Also, if no conversation occurs within 21 days of the League, it automatically expires.


Members Structure and Activities

The League community has a good number of users in America and hopes to launch in other places soon. Nevertheless, those that would be allowed on this dating street must meet up with designed standards. You must at least be polished with excellent educational and professional background.

Users Age

In the League, you find users of all ages as there are no age restrictions. But definitely, you must have attained the standard adult age to have built a strong professional background that checks you into the League.

Sexual Preferences

There are no sexual restrictions; the League accommodates every person irrespective of your sexual orientation. Either you are gay, straight, or have a unique kink, you are required to state this as you sign up and are free to choose your partners’ sexual preference without being judged.

Race and Ethnicity

Although most users are Americans, the League ensures that your ethnicity is not a barrier. Diverse races are found on this platform: you’ll find users of Asian, European, and African origin. Soon, the League would launch in Sydney, Dubai, Hong Kong, and other places.

Religious Orientation

Members with different religious orientations are in the League. So, no matter your religious perception, there is a place for you, and the important thing is that you find your prospects or preferred matches. The site neither encourages nor discourages religious activities; it pays little or no attention to it.

Religious Orientation

The League Dating Website Features

The first thing that gets your attention on the League website is the quality graphic and beautiful fonts that make you want to keep navigating through the site, and It is straight forward and easy use. The website has a menu bar at the top right that features services such as App Store, Membership, Video date, League love, Blog, and League community. These features are easy to relate with, and they contribute to making your experiences on the site great. However, you would be required to download the app before you can access any feature on the League or meet prospects.

Safety & Security

The League does not disclose or sell your personal information, they would process your details to create and manage your account, but you can stay rest assured that your information is safe. As a member, you are aware of the amount of information the League has about you. Customer service is paramount to the League. Therefore, your safety and security are guaranteed.

Is the League Legit or Scam Service?

Many dating sites are full of scams and fake profiles; the League takes exception to this: it is scam-free and legit. Launched in 2015, the League is an exclusive dating site that complies with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. It prides in authenticating and vetting her member’s profile before confirmation, and the League is a safe community.

Is the League Legit or Scam Service?

Subscription Types and Price

Once you download the app, sign up, and eventually get a confirmation message, you become a free member of the League. Still, to enjoy the full package, you would have to upgrade your account by subscribing to one of these: Member, Owner, or Investor membership.

As a Member, you would be required to pay $29/month to get the listed benefits which grant you the following:

  • 2 tickets to improve your guest match rate
  • Create in-app events
  • See receipts to know matches that read your messages
  • Friend 5 users daily
  • Access to 3 dates per League live party
  • Get 5 prospective matches daily
  • Advanced review of your application

The League users pay $83/month, and you get more daily batch of prospects and increased privilege as seen below:

  • Friend 6 users daily
  • Know if a prospect has liked you
  • Get more moves, anyone you want sees you almost immediately
  • Access to undo option for an expired or canceled partner
  • Access to 3 dates per League live party
  • Get 6 prospective matches daily
  • Advanced review of your application

The Investor subscription option gets the supreme package. As an investor, you pay $999/month and gain access to the least limited advantages of being in the League.

  • Get 7 prospective matches daily
  • Friending 6 users daily
  • Profile privacy you can tweak as you like
  • Access to 3 dates per League live party
  • You get to see everyone that likes you instantly daily
  • Access to openers, this enables you to convince a match to roll with you
  • Gain concierge support
Subscription Types and Price

Free Membership

The League has free membership with many restricted benefits. As a free member, you can sign up, create a profile, but confirmation would take a longer time compared to a paid membership. Often, when things are free, you get them limited access or benefit. The preferred option is to pay for the value you want and get the best out of it.

When your membership is paid for, you enjoy reserved benefits that are not open to all. Also, you skip the waitlist and get a quick profile review; to enjoy real dating here, you should upgrade your membership. The Investor subscription has the full features of the app and allows you to appreciate dating on the League better. Within 48 hours, your profile gets confirmation as a subscribing member. This means you get value for your money.

Paid Membership

Website Design and Usability

Earlier, we stated that the League website has great graphics, colorful page content, and catchy fonts that make you naturally spent time navigating through the site. Frantically speaking, the design of the website is simple, clean, and user-friendly. The menu bar in the top right corner helps with smooth navigation, even if it is your first time on the site, be rest assured that you would steer without struggles. You do not have to worry about the site’s usability as there is no complexity on the site. In case you choose to view the site on your phone or computer, whichever device, you can be guaranteed that pages load fast.

Mobile Application

The League is a mobile dating app that operates on IOS and Android. With a good internet connection, you can get the app on your phone in a couple of minutes: it is easy to maneuver. Using the app gives you 10% increased match chances.

Mobile Application

Contact Information

Company: The League

Address: Theleague.com

E-mail: press@theleague.com

Phone: N/A


Just in case you are interested in partners with high standards who have educational and professional values at the same time polished to your taste, then the League is the place for you. You get the chance to love that significant other that matches your preference.

While you anticipate your happy hour every day on the League, you can be rest assured that any prospect you get has been screened by the team. So, you do not have to worry about being ditched or deceived. Get on the League today and find that special one with the sauce you desire in a partner, sign up for free at theleague.com. Have fun!

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