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Swingtowns Review 2022

Swingtowns Review 2022
About Site
Active Audience 64%
Quality Matches 80%
Popular Age 21-35
Profiles 2 650 000
Reply Rate 85%
Ease of Use 7.3
Popularity 8.6
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The website has significant experience in providing top-notch swinging services to polyamorists and other pleasure seekers.
  • The platform has a vast and tremendous online network with hook-up parties and real-life gatherings.
  • The website features various online forum and blog that contains valuable contents.
  • You will not be given access to the communication options and a free member.
  • Browsing and discovering members that are actively online may be quite tricky.
  • Conducting a regular search can be confounding, especially for new members.

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SwingTowns began its history in 1999 as a phenomenal spot for individuals who are keen on polyamory. Polyamory is not only a kind of relationship like swinging; it is a unique idea and lifestyle.

Overtime, SwingTowns has evolved and developed into an active network of free-minded adults who are real and open about their way of life. The kind of trustworthiness and transparency this creates is profoundly estimable. SwingTowns offers an excellent platform to seek after your fantasies without fear of being condemned

if you share that philosophy and way of life or are just interested in it.

Despite dating back to more than two decades ago, SwingTowns is a site with a contemporary outlook that intensely takes after Facebook in different ways. The website is developed for pleasure seekers who are hoping to associate with both singles or couples for the ultimate sexual experiences.

Swingtowns Review 2020

How Does SwingTowns Work?

The site got its beginning as an announcement board style site. It was proposed for free-minded adults to locate one another, giving them a platform to post an invitation on get-togethers, sex parties, and other adult activities.

Sign up, and registration on SwingTowns is relatively swift and smart, and the end product of your successful registration is always a Facebook-styled profile – with a profile picture and a cover picture.

Not at all like other dating and hook-up sites that request a lot of details from members, all you will need to create a profile on SwingTowns is just a few details about yourself and the type of chatmates or people you will like to be connected with (single, couples, bi, gay, and so on).

Also, the “Activity” segment of SwingTowns is fundamentally the same as a Facebook news feed. You will be able to new photographs and updates of members you follow, as well as trending topics, posts, and people on the network as a whole. You can likewise tweak this feature to get just posts from individuals in a similar area as you.

Furthermore, there are various search options on the website. These include – Threesome Finder and a Polyamory Finder for individuals intrigued by polyamorous connections. Moreover, a search option has been assigned for singles only, which will naturally make SwingTowns look for a potential match for you depending on your area and your inclination standards.

In conclusion, Video talk, instant messaging, and electronic mails are a means of communication among members on the platform because it has a vast, dynamic, and active user-base.

Finally, in case you feel the need to want to stay off the platform, SwingTowns has made provision for that and has presented two options from which you can freely choose from, which are “disable your account” and “delete your account.” Disabling your account will temporarily take you off the network, search results and profile details. You can reverse this at any time.

On the other hand, if you choose to delete your account, your particulars will be wiped off the website, which means it is irreversible. Therefore if you want to login to continue on the platform later, you will have to re-register and start building your profile from scratch. Whichever option you choose, the messages and posts that you have uploaded will remain on the website even after deleting or disabling your account.

Sign-up And Login Process

The sign-up process on SwingTowns is exceptional fast. There are no extremely detailed questions about character or physical attributes; instead, only a concise depiction, a short biography, and a Facebook-style picture format.

During registration, you will be required to choose your desired username (screen name) and password and provide necessary information such as your location, date of birth, and a functional email. It is up to you to decide how robust and detailed or otherwise you want your profile to be.

A visitor on the website can boast of a full membership status after 10 minutes of registration.

Sign-up And Login Process

Profile Interface

you have two major pages on SwingTowns account. The first is the landing page (your homepage), and the other one is your profile page. You will see statistical information, insights, and where you can change your inclinations on your homepage.

On the profile page, you can change your photograph and alter your personal information. You should be cautious and do exclude any information that is not about you. If you profess to be someone you are not, you are merely playing yourself down and reducing your chances of meeting an ideal mate or mates on SwingTowns.


For you to find your match or matches, you have to use the search feature on SwingTowns. The search feature on this platform is divided into three groups, namely – the “Threesome Finder,” the “Polyamory Finder,” and the “Individual Finder.” The first two search options are exclusively for active couples or existing polyamorous unions to discover mates interested in casual hook-up or sex. That is, couples interested in new relationships such as a threesome or even a long-term polyamorous union.

Alternatively, the “Individual Finder” search option will enable you to connect with existing couples or singles based on our input search guidelines.

Communication on SwingTowns takes two forms. It can be through text messaging or video chat – using a webcam.

There are also lots of open discussion rooms on a wide assortment of topics and subjects—these range from the sexual to the subtleties of the swinging and polyamorous way of life.

As with Facebook, all your discovered and added friends will be listed on your timeline. You can likewise check who is online at some random time, find new friends on the site and decide to follow them so that their updates appear in your “Activity” channel, which is like a Facebook news feed,

The polyamory and threesome search option gives new approaches to discovering different individuals, who can be reached through messages, texts, video calls, and remarks on members’ activities.

Members Structure And Activities

The website contains explicitly explicit content, and that is not meant for minors. Only adults who are 18-years of age and who have attained the majority age may get to the website.

However, it will be quite challenging to provide verified information on the age distribution of members of this SwingTowns because a single account may be registered for the usage of two people or more concurrently.

For example, a couple comprises of 2 ladies and a man, with all of them from different age groups. Subsequently, it will be hard to figure out who visits the site more among them. This same reason accounts for why it is difficult to give an accurate review of the website’s gender distribution.

As for users’ geographical location, SwingTowns is open and accessible to everyone that has reached adulthood.

The website is a non-monogamy informal communication network for mature minds structured as a platform for meeting new individuals, a spot to have conversations of a sexual sort, and to share photographs and other content for fun.

Members Structure And Activities

Users Age

This website contains uncensored explicitly unequivocal material unsatisfactory for minors. Just adults who are at least

18-years of age and who are not minors in their place of residence are free to be members of this platform. There are no restrictions to the maximum age requirement, as long as you are still romantically and sexually active, you are good to go.

Sexual Preference

SwingTowns is a dating and hook-up community for swingers, polyamorists, and non-monogamists. This means every type of sexual orientation and preference is given attention. The website provides explicit focus to members with these sexual orientations – asexual, bisexual, gay, lesbian, other, pansexual, queer, straight, and even those that are uncertain of where they belong.

Race And Ethnicity

SwingTowns have no restrictions whatsoever when it comes to Race and Ethnicity. The platform is open to people of all races and colors. This platform does not support racism or bias, so, therefore, it is accessible to the entire universe with no restrictions. Thus as long as you have fulfilled other requirements, race or ethnicity cannot stop you from being a member of the network.

Religious Orientation

Religious orientation and belief are personal factors. SwingTowns does not discriminate in any way. It is accessible to everyone as long as the website’s content is in line with your religious belief. Cougar life does not favor any religion ad the expense of another. The website bus universal.

SwingTowns Dating Website Features

When you visit SwingTowns for the first time, you will witness how it takes after a notable Facebook. You will likewise like this hook-up platform if you are a fan or even a freak of Facebook. Furthermore, you will be dazzled with a solid genuinty of this network because there are no fakes or the individuals who mean to ruin your experience.

The site gives guests both standard highlights and a couple of unique ones. You can take an interest in conversations on any points held in the forums other than the chance to interact through video talk and web-based instant messaging.

You are invited to this platform loaded with valuable and fantastic content if you are willing to explore or have a more in-depth experience of the polyamory lifestyle. These contents include Basic access to certain features such as the ability to – Create photo profiles, View profiles in full, Create favorites lists, View private photos, and send friend requests. The platform also features a comprehensive search engine, a full-range communication medium, profile management, matchmaking, use of blogs and forums, and chat rooms.

However, the major elements that have been incorporated into the website that keep visitors calling for more include a vast user base, Pocket-friendly prices, and value for money spent. Other features are Facebook-style outlook, Action feed for updates on members’ activities, Polyamory, Threesome search engine, and Singles Match.

SwingTowns Dating Website Features

Safety And Security

SwingTowns uses SSL protocol to encode and encrypt all chats and financial activities of its members. This guarantees that all your activities on this platform cannot be spied on illegally by a 3rd party.

The site effectively searches out phony users and “crawls” and urges members to report them with so that their accounts can be deleted. Paid members also use “stealth” browsing to protect their activities’ secrecy and confidentiality on the platform. For more data about how to remain safe on SwingTowns, you can go through the safety and Tips and Tricks pages on the official website – SwingTowns.Com.

You can have an ideal privacy level because SwingTowns does not allow unregistered users to access members’ pictures and profile details. Therefore, you can be confident that those who view your profile are people of similar intentions and interests with you. You can also choose to upload private pictures, grant certain people access to it, and block other members.

With all these in place, you should, on your part, refrain from sharing sensitive information that can jeopardize your safety and privacy with third-party.

Is SwingTowns Legit Or A Scam Service

Most of SwingTowns members interact, mingle, and connect following the polyamory philosophy. There is no subscription for a long duration on the platform, it is almost impossible to be a victim of scam or fraud. The people who visit SwingTowns, do it intentionally. So if you decide to follow a similar lifestyle and need to locate these types of individuals, there is no reason for you to be worried about being scammed or duped. The only chance to have a negative experience or encounter is in a situation where the plans and arrangements occur outside the SwingTowns dating platform. Members of the site are always eager to know and mingle with like-minds, so there is no space for fraudsters.

Furthermore, all photos must be endorsed by the website moderating team before they are allowed to be made public on the platform. This forestalls the photographs genuinely not of the members (for example, a pet, an animation character, a big name, etc.) From getting uploaded. If you believe that a specific part is phony, you can report them to the customer service for further examination and actions.

Is SwingTowns Legit Or A Scam Service

Subscription Types And Price

SwingTowns offers a premium membership plan. The premium membership plan can be for a month, six months, or a whole year. The premium membership costs $15.95 for a month, $8.16/month (45% Savings) for six months, $5.75/month (61% Savings) for twelve months.

Free Membership

SwingTowns offers free membership to every new member after registration. The free membership includes the following features: Create photo profile; View profiles in full; Create favorites lists; Send friend request; Search and browse profiles; Receive suggested match, and Rate photos.

SwingTowns offers a paid membership with varying duration of subscriptions. Besides the basic features, premium membership gives unlimited access to the VIP contents on the website. These include access to Private photos, Read emails from full members, Read emails from free members, Respond to IM chat requests, Initiate IM conversations, Check if emails were read, Extra data storage; Use chatrooms.

The verified payment methods are Credit Card, Online Check, PayPal, Postal Check/Money Order, and Debit Card. The website adopts a discreet billing system to safeguard the privacy of its members.

Website Design And Usability

The developers of SwingTowns have done a decent job as regards the website design and usability. In addition to the desktop version’s versatility, the mobile version of the website has been fully optimized to server members of the platform and the desktop version.

The website runs smoothly on various mobile devices and PC. The mobile version gets you connected on the go.

Mobile Application

Sadly, SwingTowns doesn’t have an official mobile app. This does not mean you have to miss the goodies that await you on SwingTowns because the mobile and desktop versions of the website are on standby to fill the gap.

Mobile Application

Contact Information

Company Name: Street Ink Corporation

Address: 800 Belle Terre Parkway #200-131

Zip Code + City: 32164 Palm Coast

Country: United States

Customer Support Email: support@swingtowns.com


If you are looking for a dating, hook-up, or a swinging website with a unique and wide user-base with then SwingTowns.com is the website for you. One of the website’s best components and elements is having a very active and lively user-base with real members that are ready to explore and try new things. What’s more, through the forums, blogs, and chat features, you can get the best of this exceptionally dynamic online network.

The developers have succeeded in creating an ideal platform for individuals to have a ton of fun and find new accomplices. On this site, it does not make a difference what your sexual orientation or preference is. Straight individuals, gays, transgender people, lesbians are, for the most part, are welcome to make their enrollment and begin dating immediately.

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