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SwingLifestyle Review 2022

SwingLifestyle Review 2022
About Site
Active Audience 91%
Quality Matches 62%
Popular Age 24-37
Profiles 819 354
Reply Rate 78%
Ease of Use 8.7
Popularity 6.8
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • SwingLifestyle is the oldest swinger lifestyle website
  • Many Active members
  • Plans events across many cities
  • Most swinger clubs nationwide are listed here
  • Has an app version available on android app stores
  • Only lets the premium members use messaging services
  • Tacky design of the website
  • SwingLifestyle website does not have as many couples on it as its competitors
  • Issues have been reported in the form of a lack of customer support (there isn't any)
  • It Has a lot of single men but very few single women on it

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How does it work?

SwingLifestyle, as the name suggests, is a website (now in an app version as well) that facilitates dating between swingers.

It is a platform where open-minded singles, couples, and groups can share their interests and desires.

Those looking for an alternative lifestyle can feel at home on this platform.

It is about hooking up random people with each other through a matching algorithm that factors in the interests and desires mentioned while signing up.

This website is sex-positive and encourages the mix-up of people/couples from different backgrounds and cultures to engage with each other.

This website is mostly beneficial in big cities with an array of active users.

How does it work?

Sign-Up & Login Process

It is free for signing up but to make use of their messaging service; the premium version is to be bought.

The process is fairly simple. The user is asked about minimum details like profile name, password (then to confirm the password), their account type (if registering as male/female or as a couple), and confirm if they are above 18 years of age.

The captcha is to be filled, and the terms and conditions are to be ticked off to make your account.

The login process of the SwingLifestyle website is fairly simple. All you need is your username and password to log in to your account.

Profile Interface

The profile interface is fairly minimalistic.

After signing-up, one needs to make further customizations by choosing their desires, interests, and the types of accounts one is looking to engage with on the platform.

The choices are quite extensive in range and even facilitate options for smokers/non-smokers as a filter.

Personal accounts are very basic with 2-3 pictures, a short description space, a status bar, and some basic information.

There are features like ‘interest levels,’ which let you choose the matches you prefer and leave short notes.

One can join over 300 active groups and video chats with the premium membership.

Profile interface


The SwingLifestyle website uses a matching algorithm that considers your preferences and matches them (usually with aplomb) with people/couples who made similar choices.

The matching algorithm is in operation at every given moment, and a user is active on the website or the app. It constantly monitors your preferences and screens to fellow users accordingly.

Communication on this website is quite restrictive because it is only used for the premium members.

This creates a major problem as a new user who does not know how the website cannot access something as basic as messaging with the people they have matched with.

Experienced swingers on the website are not welcoming to new users in their community chats. Such chats and communities are made available only to premium members who have been on the platform for a while.


Members structure and activities

You can find more than 16,000 erotic stories available on the SwingLifestyle website for free. The feed works like any other dating service.

There is a list of your filters and profiles on the side panel. Users here are not arranged by location as most of them are only looking for web chats.

To see erotic pictures, send and receive nudes, upload naked pictures, the users have to upgrade their accounts.

The platform does its best to provide users with additional features that help them get to know your partner better.

The website is formally classed into three types of members:

  1. Free Members: 100% free without certain features.
  2. Paid members: Subscriptions are to be renewed every month cycle.
  3. Lifetime members: They have no subscription renewal obligations.

The types of payment options are:

  • 1 Month
  • 3 Months
  • 6 Months
  • 12 Months
  • Lifetime

Premium users can hide their profile in the feed to keep away incoming messages. IM feature is also exclusively given to premium users where they can join communities, make conversations with their matches, join active video sessions, and get more filtered matches to begin with.

SwingLifestyle website has pre-prepared rejection templates for its members who want to politely decline unwanted requests.

Users Age

The lower limit on being an official member of the website is 18. The average age of users involved with the platform is around 25.

The range of age is far-reaching due to some middle-aged couples and individuals who use the platform to explore new sexual avenues.

The age circulation is provided below:

  • 18-24 (more than 45%)
  • 25-34 (15%)
  • 35-44 (20%)
  • 45-54 (10%)
  • 55+ (10%)
Users age

Sexual Preferences

The SwingLifestyle website markets itself as the one-stop destination for a sexual revolution by facilitating match-ups between couples and couples, couples and Individuals, and individual-individual engagement.

No sexual inclinations are prohibited. Diversity of sexual preference is promoted and facilitated by providing users with an array of filters and options to choose from.

The online communities on the website are also engaged in full swapping couples who wish to date other couples or individuals.

Interests like group sex and everything associated with it can be found on the website in the form of filters.

Some blogs elaborate on such practices in a very informative and practical manner.

Couples in open relationships and couples who intend to mix things up in their sexual life have found this portal to help find like-minded couples.

The portal thus facilitates swingers by helping them engage in soft swinging, closed swinging, open swinging, and group swinging in all its forms.

Sexual preferences

Race and Ethnicity

The race and ethnicity demographic on the SwingLifestyle website are quite subjective to the location it is logged in from.

The algorithm divides their 16 million worldwide users by using geographical limits to date or hook-up more efficiently as they can physically meet-up.

Such location-dependent factors are to somewhat restrict its users from joining communities that they are not geographically any way near to.

A 45% American base gives the user base excellent diversity in the form of people belonging from Latin cultures, African origins, Native Americans, and Indians.

The user base is, therefore, an amalgamation of people from diverse ethnicities and cultures. Individuals from all races use this portal to find suitable matches leading to successful sexual encounters.

Religious Orientation

As already mentioned, this website uses an algorithm that has set geographical limits. So, the religious orientation of users depends from location to location.

However, as per the provided data, most users on this platform are Christian as the user base is primarily American.

The website does not emphasize religion as one of the primary criteria in its matching algorithm.

The communities on the website do not specify a religion from which the users have to belong, to be a part.

The emphasis is more on sexual inclinations, desires, interests, and other related preferences in the website’s profile interface.

SwingLifestyle dating website features

SwingLifestyle has been serving the niche for swingers since 2001 and has marketed itself as an outlet for “alternate lifestyle dating” to shrug off the stigma that surrounds the practice of swinging.

  • It hosts forums and blogs that describe the service, answer queries, and provide the users with tips to succeed on the platform.
  • A paid member can join multiple groups, message via IM, and send and receive video calls (engage in video chats), otherwise not available to free members.
  • The website has specific divisions in the form of an expansive index section that lists all the website’s services.
  • This website also hosts a link to travel arrangement portals for booking swinging cruises and planning trips.
  • Instead of just ticking up boxes, this website encourages users to describe themselves in text boxes, thereby making it more personal.
  • The website has protocols in place to keep scammers and “undesirables” away from the website.
  • The extremely user-friendly interface where message alerts come up as pop-ups ensuring that the users do not miss a conversation.
  • Accounts can be blocked if they are engaged in suspicious behavior.
SwingLifestyle dating website features

Safety & Security

It is an easy platform for scammers to join and make fake accounts on. It is not mandatory to provide a profile picture and many details apart from sexual interests.

However, the non-availability of any of the chat features or community joining features to free members makes these fake accounts somewhat redundant.

The free members cannot send messages into groups nor receive any naked pictures as they are all blurred.

The fake accounts can be reported if there are any unusual activities done through them.

Is Swing Lifestyle Legit or Scam Service?

It is not a scam. Measures have been put in place to prevent scammers from joining the platform.

However, a lack of customer service back-up, along with the absence of reconfirmation of e-mail accounts, has led to a surge in fake accounts and scammers on the platform.

The website serves over 16 million people worldwide, and 7000-10,000 people are daily activities in certain geographical divisions.

It hosts 300+ live chats and communities which every paid member with a verified profile picture can join.

Your privacy will be valued here, and what happens in the chat and the rest of the platform will not be recorded or published on the feed of the portal.

It is considered safe and cannot be termed as a scam because; it has served swingers for the last 19 years without any grave issues reported.

Subscription types and price

The rates of subscriptions provided by Swing Lifestyle are as follows:

Paid accounts: The payment options are classed into 4 different types to make it more convenient for the user:

  • 1 Month- 14.95 USD/month
  • 3 Months- 29.95 USD (@9.98/month)
  • 6 Months- 49.95 USD (@8.33/month)
  • 12 Months- 69.95 USD (@5.83/month)

Lifetime accounts: 149.95 USD (one-time payment that will make the website and its services available to the user forever unless and until the portal itself is taken down)

Free Membership

Sign-Up & Login Process

When the users first sign up on the website, they are registered as a free member unless and until they choose to be a paid subscriber or, in some cases, a lifetime subscriber on the website.

However, some basic features are available to even the free members:

  1. Can use the search bar to look for profiles. There is no restriction on looking at profiles and connecting.
  2. They can engage in video/group chats but cannot contribute to them as the IM feature is only provided for premium users.
  3. Can block other members if any unusual activity is seen on the website by such accounts.
  4. Can be a part of forums and answer or ask questions regarding swinging or the Swing Lifestyle website.
  5. Can access all the other services provided by the website like the online store, travel portals, etc.

Paid membership (called premium membership) on this website opens up many avenues otherwise not available to free members.

These perks are uniform to all paid users, and there is no discrepancy between the perks received by those who have paid for long term subscriptions or the lifetime subscription.

Some of the various perks are:

  1. Can view and upload nude pictures as they are not blurred, unlike the free members.
  2. Can view and upload private photos in IM chats.
  3. Can rate clubs and join forums, chats, communities without any restrictions.
  4. Once a premium user, you shall be given the power to approve or deny new members looking to join your video chat, IM chat, or communities.
  5. Can interact with their match on the website using IM and arrange for hot dates.
  6. Paid users can register their local (members-only) clubs and the rules that go with it.
  7. Can use the live stream features for video chats and community chats.

Website design and usability

The Swing Lifestyle website design, as already mentioned, is a bit tacky, and too much information is provided in a short space.

However, the website is divided into different categories of services. It hosts a forum, a blog, a sex toy store, sexual lube, etc.

The overall website design is basic and user-friendly, with a navigation bar on the left side always to help different access pages of the website.

The user is notified of new messages by a sound and a pop-up, making them impossible to miss.

The functions are basic and can be even used by the older swingers on the website.

The icons and illustrations are somewhat outdated, but they do not hinder the user’s experience.

Mobile application

Members structure and activities

Swing Lifestyle (SLS) has released its mobile app version due to its heavy demand in 2013. As of now, most of the services of the website have been included in the app.

The app was recently updated on November 18, 2020, with a few bug fixes and graphics improvements.

The SLS app now hosts in-app purchases ranging from $14.95- $149.95, which was otherwise free for a while (as to promotional offer on the app).

It has a 4/5 rating on play store with mixed reviews from its users who have reported some bugs and errors in payments.

Contact information

Company: Swing LLC and DashBoardHosting LLC (payment portal host)

Address: Coral Springs, Florida- 33075, USA

Phone: Not provided

E-mail: There is no customer care service e-mail provided.


The Swing Lifestyle website has its fair share of a bad reputation and a good reputation in the adult dating market. It ranks 21 out of 200 such sites.

The portal is user friendly and has many pages that are all full access. The interface is good and simple.

However, what it gains in its services, it loses in its customer service. This is because there is not any customer care service provided by the app nor the website.

All in all, Swing Lifestyle is a decent site, but there are far better options readily available on the internet.

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