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Ourtime Review 2022

Ourtime Review 2022
About Site
Active Audience 80%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 20-30
Profiles 2 000 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 6.8
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • It is designed for adults over 50 years of age. Meaning members available here are mature and know exactly what they are looking for.
  • Large membership: This site boasts of large membership compared with other mature dating websites.
  • Mobile application – has a stable mobile app available on both Android and iOS smartphone users.
  • Easy Registration: The registration process in this adult site is effortless and fast. It takes approximately 2 – 3 minutes.
  • Detailed profiles – Profiles on OurTime.com are accurate and straight to the point. Making one understand their potential matches better.
  • No verification process: after creating their accounts, users can start using them immediately without wasting much time on verification processes.
  • No verification Process – the website has not put any verification process on its profiles to see if they are genuine. This makes it easier for persons to create fake profiles, which may be a threat to available legit users.
  • Paid Accounts – Most basic features on this website can only be accessed by individuals who on paid-up accounts. This becomes expensive for the people who can’t afford the premium rates.
  • Fake Profiles – Due to the absence of a verification process, this website has been invaded by scammers and fraudsters. New users should beware.
  • Expensive rates – the premium features are costly as compared to other platforms. Users are required to pay for services that they can access for free on other dating websites.
  • Limited members – as most accounts on this website are fake, it gives minimal genuine accounts. This is according to reviews by members who have used this dating site.

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OurTime.com is an online dating website designed for mature people who are over 50 years of age. By using this platform, these older people can meet and interact with their fellow members either in the same locality or far away from them. Members on this site have the chance of finding friends, sexual partners, and spouses whom they can have a short term or long term relationship depending on their agreements.

OurTime.comwas launched in the year 2011 by PeopleMedia, which is the parent company. PeopleMedia also owns other dating sites for the elderly who include: SeniorPeopleMeet.com and SeniorMeet.com. Members who join OurTime.com also enjoy the benefits of their profiles being featured on other websites of the parent company.

OurTime has seen itself have tremendous growth over the years. It now boasts of over 12million monthly logins in the United States alone. The number keeps on growing daily as more users register to join this website.

How Does OurTime Operate?

How Does OurTime Operate?

Just like any other online dating site, OurTime.comworks by connecting individuals who are over 50 years of age to potential matches for single day dates, short term or for long term relationships. It is designed to help mature and older members who have been divorced or widowed to find love again.

This site helps to connect individuals with mature people looking for love and friendship anywhere in the world. You can choose these people by liking their profiles. Once they like you back, then it becomes a match.

OurTime Review: How to Start?

Being used by individuals who are old enough to go through the tedious registration process, OurTime has made it simple to create an account and use it to get a potential partner. Registration features are simple and can be even be used by people who have less knowledge of computers or smartphones.

The registration process on OurTime.com is straight forward and takes a little time of about 2-3 minutes utmost. Simple features enable the new users to fill out their information quickly without the help of anyone.

Profile Interface on OurTime

During registration, new users are required to fill in the information summarized below.

  • Who they are and what they need – Members need to state their gender and the type of gender they require. This means the website accepts all kinds of sexual orientations.
  • Country of origin – members are required to state the country they are from. However, this website gives only two options to choose from. Either you are from the United States or Canada.
  • Zip Code – you are required to key in your zip code to capture your current town or location. Your zipcode must be correct, as this becomes your location.
  • First name – you are required to enter your first name, which will also act as your username while using this mature dating site.
  • Date of birth – you are required to key in your date of birth in this section. This will help in giving your age and will help other users to know how old you are.
  • Email address – you are required to provide your email address at this last stage of registration. This email address will also be used on future account logins and also to recover a hacked account.

After providing the above information, you will have created your account on this online dating site. This is done by accepting the terms of use and understanding the safety and privacy policy set out by the customer support system.

Not following this set terms, safety and precaution measures may make your account to be banned and be removed from this online dating site.

How Does Matching Work on OurTime? (CommunicationInfo)

How Does Matching Work on OurTime?

OurTime.com uses featured matches to hook up its members with other potential users. These featured matches are always refreshed daily, allowing users to get new matches each day. This enables users to have a variety of profiles to choose from on any given day, thus spicing up their urge to getting perfect matches. However, due to increased fake profiles on this website, members have been cautioned to be aware of these profiles and should report them immediately they become suspicious of them.

Another way of creating a match is by searching a member profile by using the available search filters. Once you have found a suitable profile, you can then go ahead and send flirts, to attract their attention. Apart from flirts, members who are on premium accounts can send messages to the members they would wish to meet. This dating site does not have video calls or live webcam on its features.

Communication in this adult dating site is only done through messages. This messaging feature is only applicable to members on premium accounts. Members on free accounts can only send flirts, which only creates attention to the person they would like to communicate with.

OurTime Member Structure and Activities

OurTime.com has over 8million members who visit this website every month. Out of these, 99 percent come from the United States of America. Its users are mainly from the United States and Canada regions. The login process has limited other countries since it accepts only two countries; the United States and Canada.

It has over 180,000membership activity accumulated weekly, making it a moderately active website.

Average User Age

This website is used by older individuals who have attained the age of 50 years and above. It is a dating site designed specifically for the aged members of society. However, you might find on these website members who are below 50 years of age.

Sexual Preference

Sexual Preference

This website accepts all types of sexualities. It might be Men who are looking for women, women looking for men, men looking for their fellow men, or just women who are interested in other women. You have to state the type of sexuality you are looking for during the registration process.

Race &Ethnicity

This website is only trendy in the United States and Canada countries. This means the ethnicity of most members available here is represented by the ones who live in these two countries.

Religious Orientations

This dating site caters to all types of religions. Moreover, it does not specify the kind of religions allowed using this adult online site. Any religion can join.

OurTime Features

Being an elderly dating site, this site has simple to use features which have been created to be used efficientlyand at comfort by the members who use this website. Some of theseunique features available on this website include the below:

  • Promote me: This is a feature that highlights and displays a user profile on top of other profiles. It is used to make a user profile to be visible more to other users of this dating site.
  • Connect Me: This is another feature of this site that helps members to call other members via a virtual phone call. This is a voice call done on-site through one member to another and does not reveal the user’s actual phone number.
  • Virtual Gifts: These are digital gifts that a member can send to another user of the site to create attention. These gifts are only available to members who are on premium accounts. These gifts can be purchased by the use of credits, which are explained later on in this review.
  • Profile Pro: When you can’t describe your profile better, experts from the website will help in filling it professionally to make it unique among the available profiles on the website. This unique profile can be recognized more than others enabling the user to get more matches easily.
  • Messaging: This messaging feature is used by members on premium accounts to send messages to other users of this website.

OurTimeSafety and Security

OurTimeSafety and Security

OurTime.com has safety tips that users can adopt to stay safe while using this dating site.

These safety tips include online safety, precautions to be taken while meeting someone physically, and the sexual health and consent measures. One needs to read and understand these tips fully to avoid falling prey to online scammers.

The website also has a privacy policy that secures members’ information and data from hackers and other third parties. The Privacy policy is available to every user and shows how the company has committed itself to protect its user’s data, Privacy notices, and how this data is collected, used, and how it is shared with the third parties.

Members are always advised on the kind of information they share with other users while using this platform.

Is OurTime Legit or a Scam?

This website is somehow legit. Most profiles on this website are for scammers. Only a few are genuine according to the reviews done by individuals who have been using this dating website. New users should be wary of fake profiles.

MembershipTypes and Prices

OurTime.com has two main account types for its members. It has the free account available upon registration and the premium paid accounts.

Free Membership

Free accounts are always available upon registration. They offer minimal features and can be upgraded to the premium accounts through payments. Members on free accounts enjoy the below benefits.

  • Free account Opening – the opening of an account in this website is free of charge.
  • Free profile – members on free accounts can build up their profiles without them being charged. Profile creation is free of charge.
  • Search – users on these basic accounts can search their matches for free using their accounts.
  • Flirts – Members on these free accounts can send flirts to other users to create their attention. However, sending of messages is reserved for the premium account holders.
Free Membership

Premium Membership

Members on free accounts can upgrade their accounts to premium by subscribing to various payment plans offered by the website. Premium accounts have the following features.

  • Profile Highlighting – this is a feature available to value membership only. It allows a highlighted profile to stand out against other profiles making it to be seen more by other users. It uses the “promote me” advanced feature.
  • Connect me – this is a virtual call that can be made from one premium user to another through the mobile application feature.
  • Notify me – this feature enables members on the premium account to get all the notifications in real-time from other members.
  • Match me – this is a matchmaking feature that can only be enjoyed by members on premium accounts.
  • Profile Pro – when you need your profile to be done by the professionals, you are required to update your account to premium to enjoy this feature.


The premium features come with a price. This online dating site has different payment plans for its members, which have been broken down below.

Standard Subscription has the below monthly plans:

  • One-month plan at the cost of $31.96
  • Six-month plan at the cost of $95.76

Value subscription has the below plan:

  • Six-month plan at the cost of $119.76

Credits: one can buy tokens know as credits at the below rate:

  • 55 credits at $2.99
  • 110 credits at $5.99
  • 280 credits at $9.99

These plans go cheaper when you buy for more months or when you purchase more credits.Premium features and billing can be canceled anytime one feels he does not need them. This is done by deactivating the auto-renewal process.

OurTime Review: Website Design & Usability

Due to the nature of the people who use this website, the design and its use are very easy since the target is of mature, old people who have attained the age of 50 years of age.

Features are very few and so easy to access. It is also easier to navigate through this platform. The login feature is just on the homepage, just like the registration page.

OurTime.com site is white, blended with purple and blue colors for easy use. These refreshing colors also enable the users not to strain their eyes too much while using this website.

The registration process is straightforward and does not have many details. Such few details make this profile to be used even by individuals who have little know-how on computers or smartphones.

OurTime Mobile App

OurTime Mobile App

This website has a fully functional mobile application that can be used on both Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. It is available for free download and installation to all users.

This mobile application has the same features and design as that of the website, with visible and high contrast texts to enable users to see them properly without straining their eyes.

With its purple, white, and blue colors, the mobile app design is clear, making it very simple to use.

Contact Details

Company Name: PeopleMedia, Inc.

Address: 8750 N. Central Expressway, Suite 1400, Dallas, TX 75205

Email Address: support@ourtime.com

Telephone: (800) 952-5210

OurTime Review: Conclusion

Most young people think that older people do not need love partners for sex, dating, or marriage. This is wrong. These individuals have feelings and need to be loved and to enjoy their relationships, just like the younger generation. This website comes in hand to make dreams of these mature people come true.

OurTime.com has created a platform for the older generation to find each other and enjoy love just like different types of age groups, which is very commendable at this age.However, the company needs to look deeper into complaints of the users who have encountered fake or scam profiles while using this online site.

If you are at home feeling lonely, just register on this website to get the love of your life. It is highly recommended for persons who have passed the 50-year mark.

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