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MillionaireMatch Review 2022

MillionaireMatch Review 2022
About Site
Active Audience 75%
Quality Matches 96%
Popular Age 20-40
Profiles 1 850 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 8.4
Popularity 9.7
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Male to Female ratio is 1:1
  • App is available for both iOS and Android
  • Verification is strict
  • Plenty of free features
  • 40+ additional features with the pro account
  • No fake accounts
  • Profiles can earn Millionaire Badge
  • Only Pro users can initiate conversations
  • Lengthy sign-up process
  • Faulty app

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Since its inception back in 2010, MillionaireMatch has been serving ambitious and career-oriented people. Many love this website because it does not emphasize casual hook-ups; rather, it connects people who share the same aspirations and dreams. Moreover, it’s not a shortcut to getting ahead; it matches those who can help each other attain their goals.

Rich and established people know that time is money. They would not waste any of it on someone if they figured out that such a person would add very little value to their life or wouldn’t commit to them. But this doesn’t mean that most rich people are lonely or cannot find their perfect match. For them, there’s MillionaireMatch, a platform that currently has more than 3.8 Million active users, most coming from the USA. On top of that, it gets a daily login of 3,000 users. To some, this might seem to be a very low number, but rich people don’t get that much spare time to spend on recreational activities.

How does it work?

How does it work?

Creating an account on MillionaireMatch is similar to signing up for any other social media platform. On MillionaireMatch, users can either sign-up using their email or their Facebook account. If they decide to sign-up with their email, they will receive a verification mail. However, unlike other dating platforms, on MillionaireMatch, you need to verify that you are a millionaire. That’s why the sign-up process might appear a bit lengthy.

The entire process might take you between 7-10 minutes. So have patience. After users have created and activated their account, they can start searching for like-minded people. They can use advanced search options to find people who share the same interests and life-aspirations as them. After you find someone interesting, you can visit their profiles and see what other members are saying about them from the comments tab. You can go through their image gallery to get a better idea about their lifestyle too. If you find a match, you can go ahead and send that person a message. However, if you still need time before starting a conversation, you can add any profile to your Favorites list.

Sign-Up & Login Process

When getting started with MillionaireMatch, you will be required to provide common information about yourself, such as name, age, gender, and email. After that, you will need to provide other information such as your nationality, annual income, zip-code, relationship status, and so forth. When signing up, you will also be asked to answer two descriptive fields. The first asks you to describe yourself. The second one requires you to write about the person you are looking for. After that, you can upload a profile picture. MillionaireMatch does not allow accounts that have no profile photo. And lastly, you need to verify your email address. Once all these steps are done, your MillionaireMatch account should be ready.

Profile Interface

If you doubt whether a MillionaireMatch member is truly a millionaire, you don’t have to dig-up their financial reports. All you need to do is look for one’s MillionaireMatch badge. This badge is awarded to only those profiles that successfully prove their millionaire status. Moreover, while skimming, if you come across a Millionaire you previously saw on TV, don’t let doubt stop you from sending them a message. To protect its users’ identity, MillionaireMatch verifies all pictures uploaded on their platform.

Each profile on MillionaireMatch is very detailed. You will find different information on the profiles listed under four distinct tabs. The first two tabs contain basic information about each user. These two tabs also have “About Me” and “About My Match” sections. If you want to learn about their financial status before anything else, you will find information about their net worth and annual income from the first two tabs. The next tab contains information about what the user is interested in. If you are ready to make a move, you should read this part of their profile, as it will give an idea about what activities this user is most interested in. And the last tab includes comments made by other users. Think of it as the Ratings and Review tab. From here, you will know what others think of that person.



To hint at other MillionaireMatch members that you like them, you can use the Wink feature. This is a polite way to express your interest. However, you can only send 50 winks a day. Moreover, you can send a wink after viewing a total of 5 profiles. This stops users from winking at every profile. You can browse through the entire user-base to find a match. While doing so, you can add profiles to your Favorite list. That way, you will have a track record of profiles you found interesting.

MillionaireMatch likes to have free users, but unless members sign-up for a pro plan, they will not be able to send messages. However, they can reply to as many messages as they wish. If your suitors are shy by nature, they are less likely to send you a message first, which means you may even have to wait a lifetime to receive a message from them. Along with looking for suitors yourself, you can also rely on the “Let’s Meet” feature that will place random profiles on roulette and spin it. In the end, you will find a purely random match. Furthermore, MillionaireMatch has a “First Date Idea” feed, where pro users can freely share their thoughts on how their first date should be.

Members structure and activities

MillionaireMatch has a global user base. At present, this site has over 4 million members and nearly 3,000 daily logins. People from all around the world use this platform that’s most popular in the USA. Many US users belong to the age range of 35-54. However, you can also find people who are over 55 years old. All users need to be at least 18 years of age to sign up for this platform. All members on MillionaireMatch, even free users, get to have their accounts. Moreover, they can also visit other member’s profiles, check out all their information and also view their pictures. This is a free feature.

Now, let’s break a myth. Can people who are not millionaires also join this platform? Yes, of course, they can. Being a millionaire might be a good indicator of how wealthy you are, but it gives a poor idea about how successful and ambitious a person is. Users might be only starting, they might be far from getting their million-dollar paycheck, but they can hold all the qualities of a successful person. That’s why MillionaireMatch doesn’t fuss too much over having a million dollars or not. This does give users an extra edge, but it is not mandatory to create an account here. If you are an insecure man who doesn’t like the idea of a woman wealthier than him, you should probably not sign-up. That’s because MillionaireMatch has many women users who are more successful than men.

Users Age

Users age

To register on MillionaireMatch, each member needs to be at least 18. Most of its user base is between 45 and 54 years old. Starting from only 18 and up to 55, you will find users of all ages on this platform. And surprisingly, almost all age tiers have the same male to female ratio, which is 1:1.

Sexual Preferences

While creating an account, users will be asked to share their sexual preferences. This information is later used to match their profile with others who share the same preferences.

Race And Ethnicity

Although being successful has nothing to do with nationality and ethnicity, MillionaireMatch still seeks this information from every member. This helps all users appear in relevant search results, and it is also displayed on every profile. There are people from all over the world here.

Religious Orientation

If users have any religious orientation, they can add information on it while signing-up. As MillionaireMatch serves a global user base, religious preferences help this platform properly categorize its huge user base. You can look for someone of your own religion at any time. There are many Christians and Buddhists on this platform, some Atheists as well.

MillionaireMatch dating website features

Who doesn’t like to flaunt? If you think about it, if a person works hard, earns lots of money, he or she deserves a little attention. MillionaireMatch understands this urge, so that’s why it has a separate “Luxuries” page. On this page, users can openly boast about possessions as well as their lifestyle. Be it a Lamborghini, a Rolex, a mansion, or a private jet; they can take pictures and upload them on the Luxuries page.

This platform also has a separate Forum page. All users have the option to post here. According to MillionaireMatch, female users are the most numerous using this feature, which makes complete sense.

Next, MillionaireMatch has a Blog page. Free users get access to a whole variety of features. However, getting a pro plan unlocks another 40+ features. Getting the pro plan gives you an advantage. All users, both free and pro, can reply to messages, but not all of them can send the first message. However, if you have the pro account, you don’t have to worry if the recipient is also a pro user or not. That’s because all members can reply to messages.

Safety & Security

Safety & Security

MillionaireMatch pays extra care to verify that each picture is valid and authentic. To validate their identity, users need to upload a photo ID. That way, no one can pretend to be a millionaire on the site. MillionaireMatch boasts that its site has no fake accounts. If the MillionaireMatch team finds an account not up-to-the-mark or deceptive, they hold all rights to remove that account instantly. However, if that happens, the user is entitled to refunds.

Is MillionaireMatch Legit or Scam Service?

It is very normal to have concerns regarding all MillionaireMatch members being actual millionaires. If you have this doubt, rest assured, all accounts go through a strict verification process. Even if a person claims to be a millionaire, they need to prove this claim. If the user turns out to be a millionaire after the verification is complete, they are awarded the Millionaire Badge. This proves that MillionaireMatch is not a scam.

Subscription types and price

MillionaireMatch comes with a reasonable pricing model. It only has one pricing plan, which is the Gold membership. Further, it is divided into three distinct tiers. The first tier gives users a one-month subscription for $70.00. The second tier gives users a three-months subscription for a one-time payment of $135.00, whereas the last one gives a 6-months subscription for $240.00.

Free Membership

Although there is a paid plan, MillionaireMatch does not save all its features for the paid users only. As far as communication is concerned, all free users can reply to any message they receive. However, they are not able to initiate a conversation by sending the first message. But that shouldn’t make finding a match very difficult. All free members can send winks to other members. A wink can act as a first message, after all.

Along with replying to messages, free users can also create photo albums for their profile. They can upload up to 26 photos. However, just like the profile picture, all their other pictures also go through a strict verification process. The photo verification might take somewhere between 2-24 hours.

Next, all free users can openly participate in blog and forum sections. These two sections are an excellent place for group discussions, finding solutions to common queries as well as reading stories shared by actual users.

Paid membership

MillionaireMatch accepts payments via PayPal, Credit Card, and even Bank Transfer. Once users make a payment, they will unlock all-new features that give them an extra edge over others. To enhance its users’ experience, the MilllionaireMatch website comes with a paid plan as well.

The paid plan lifts the barriers users previously had with the free version. They are no longer limited to only replying to messages they receive but can send the first message themselves and initiate a conversation.

Moreover, this plan also lets members check if the recipient of their messages has opened it. That’s similar to the “Seen” feature on Facebook Messenger. Next, the plan will unlock many advanced search filter options. Using these features, you can sort your search results based on age, sexual preferences, and other essential things.

Along with that, pro users will benefit from appearing at the top of other users’ search results. They also have a higher chance of being highlighted as a featured member. If you are a shy person, you might find it hard to make connections on MillionaireMatch. You might feel insecure, fearing you might appear as a weirdo if you send the first message. Also, you might fear the possibility of being ignored. That’s okay. Having doubts is very normal. But that shouldn’t stop you from meeting new people. MillionaireMatch lets you see who else likes you with the pro membership, which should make things easier. After you get to know that a user also finds you interesting, you will feel less hesitant to initiate conversation.

Website design and usability

MillionaireMatch doesn’t fall short on the interface. As soon as users land on this website, they get a great vibe. The entire interface is built around a black and gold color palette. It places a rich header menu on the top. Using it, members can easily navigate between all pages on the website without any hassle. All the other pages have a different appearance, depending on what their purpose is. However, all of them have one thing in common, a sidebar. If users visit the Forum page, they will find all the questions posted on this forum beautifully organized on the sidebar area.

Mobile application

Unlike other dating sites that serve only one user-base, either Android or iOS users, MillinaireMatch has an app for both. Important or not, the app contains every feature seen on the website. Users can search for new matches, send messages, and view other people’s profiles when using it.

Contact information

Contact information

company: MillionaireMatch.com

address: 10 – 8707 Dufferin St, Suite 160 Vaughan, Ontario L4J 0A6 Canada

phone: 1-416-628-1072

e-mail: press@MillionaireMatch.com


The CEO of MillionaireMatch, Jason Dun, has run this website successfully since 2010. This dating platform is for the ambitious audience and has been featured on many popular news outlets such as The Wall Street Journal and Forbes, just to name a few. If you are a successful entrepreneur or businessman, you will not be disappointed with this platform at all. With a huge user base, you will find a lot of people who would love to have a partner like you. MillionaireMatch is a unique product, and you should definitely try it out.

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