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MexicanCupid Review 2022

MexicanCupid Review 2022
About Site
Active Audience 90%
Quality Matches 88%
Popular Age 18-45
Profiles 1 203 000
Reply Rate 73%
Ease of Use 8.6
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • No geo-restriction — people can match from anywhere in the world.
  • Easy and user-friendly interface.
  • MexicanCupid has both free and paid membership.
  • Your personal data is kept confidential and not shared with third parties.
  • Messaging is available only to premium subscribers.
  • Free accounts cannot text each other, which questions the presence of free registration.
  • The number of users varies based on geographical location.

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MexicanCupid is a part of the Cupid Media network that started for all the lonely singles in Mexico. Based not only on geographic location, it has been connecting people all around the world — a perfect medium to find like-minded individuals, no matter where they are, and give them a chance to meet and converse. More than thousands of people found their match through MexicanCupid. Also, thousands of newcomers are signing in every day to have fun and communicate. The stats are pretty much better than other similar services demonstrate. MexicanCupid is the best place for all Mexican singles, helping them connect in both virtual and real life.

How Does It Work?

Having entered the site, one is prompt to create a profile. It includes adding up photos, names, descriptions about themselves, and so on. It will make the matchmaking process easier. MexicanCupid comes up with suggestion options that show like-minded people. Also, you can search members around you by setting up a search radius. There are more preference options that one has to try to find a better match. If users match each other, MexicanCupid allows them to chat. It is indeed one of the best and trustworthy websites for singles around the world.

Sign-Up & Login Process

Sign-Up and Login Process

The MexicanCupid homepage has both the Login and Sign-Up option. If you are a new user, then you have to sign up first, which allows you to log in later in the future. One can use their email or their Facebook account so that the system can import basic details from Facebook. Photos and descriptions should be clear and catchy to increase your chances of getting matched on MexicanCupid. These steps are designed to be trouble-free to attract more users. Once registered, you can access your account through any device.

Profile Interface

MexicanCupid has one of the best profile interfaces, designed with all the necessary details to get to know interesting people closer. Every page on MexicanCupid has a detailed overview, which makes matching unique and reliable. Click on someone you like, and their profile will pop up, showing you their description, appearance, interests, and so on. Also, one can update or change the page frequently or periodically if needed. MexicanCupid is operated under specific terms and conditions, so no personal data can be shared — the platform protects it from being misused or stolen. Overall, the profile interface is user-friendly and fun to complete, as it is the first impression of every member.


There is a wide range of options people can look into before they choose the one. But it all depends on communication between the two that makes things possible. MexicanCupid has a very sophisticated design that allows people to make a better conversation. When two users like each other pages, the system will notify them about it and enable them to interact. MexicanCupid doesn’t provide communication tools for free visitors because some people misuse it. By doing so, it reduces the chance of fake people trying to scam others. The premium membership allows you to access MexicanCupid’s full functionality because you will be verified. The quality of the dating medium lies in certain factors, one of them being user-friendliness. This site has done a better job in that aspect, and there is no surprise it has over 1.5 million happy members.

Member Structure and Activities

Member Structure and Activities

The website has connected more than thousands of people, and it is still growing. An average of couple hundred users is online frequently. It is not that much for a site like MexicanCupid, but this has its advantage. Because of the low count of members, the server is unlikely to get overloaded. MexicanCupid ensures smooth performance and flawless experience for its community, which makes it people’s favorite. Also, it verifies the age of the person before letting them join the service. Minors are strictly prohibited from using MexicanCupid.

Users Age

Generally, one should be above 18 to enter the site, and the age must be verified. It is a necessary screening process of all dating sources to avoid misunderstandings. For all the people in their late 20s and early 30s looking to settle down, MexicanCupid is the place to give a try. It allows you to choose your partner with the same interests and mindset.

Sexual Preferences

MexicanCupid does not restrict people from meeting each other based on sexual needs. Everyone is welcomed to use the service regardless of their thoughts and beliefs. MexicanCupid allows the user to choose their preferences during the profile creation to help users with the suggestions. The suggestion rate is also precise, thanks to the MexicanCupid algorithm.

Race and Ethnicity

As with sexual preferences, MexicanCupid allows the optional selection of race and ethnicity. People willing to mention it can use this helpful feature. Also, MexicanCupid is cautious in this aspect to avoid misunderstandings between people.

Religious Orientation

It is optional, just like sexual preference and race. MexicanCupid does not restrict religious people from joining the platform. It is all about allowing like-minded users to meet each other despite the distance.

MexicanCupid Dating Website Features

MexicanCupid Dating Website Features

The role and purpose of all dating websites are similar, but they differ from each other based on the features they provide for users. Being a part of Cupid Media, MexicanCupid has studied and researched all people’s requirements for a dating site to make it unique and functional. All other Cupid Media’s projects have specific features that make them stand out from the rest. Some of them are:

  • It is developed to communicate with Mexican people. Anyone from all around the world who likes Mexican can use MexicanCupid to match with like-minded individuals.
  • MexicanCupid also updates the testimonials of the users who have matched through it and live happily together to encourage newcomers to give it a try.
  • The profiles show the interests and preferences of the owners, allowing others to choose the right match; also, MexicanCupid suggests suitable partners.
  • There are no difficulties in using MexicanCupid — one can browse it anywhere, anytime. The user-friendly interface attracts new visitors all the time.

These are certain features of MexicanCupid that makes it unique and special. Keep in mind that all Cupid Media websites are designed specifically to satisfy people’s needs.

Safety and Security

MexicanCupid is operated under Cupid Media’s terms and conditions, so it does not disclose any personal data to third parties. Also, information is protected, and nobody can steal it. It is mentioned in the privacy policy on the MexicanCupid homepage. Any incident of misusing user’s data will cost the company, and, fortunately, nothing like this has ever happened.

Is MexicanCupid Legit or Scam Service?

MexicanCupid is a legit service operated under Cupid Media. No scam cases were mentioned since its launch in 2005. It also updates users’ feedback, which proves that they are trustworthy and reliable. Any reports on fake accounts are dealt with immediately to make MexicanCupid a better platform for its members.

Subscription Types and Price

Subscription Types and Price

MexicanCupid allows free registration for newcomers, but the features are limited. It also has two major premium membership options —Gold and Platinum. The prices vary based on the type and duration, and you can unsubscribe whenever you want. Only premium subscribers can access all the features for effective dating. If you are searching for the one, then it is preferable to have a premium account; otherwise, your dating journey may not be that successful.

Free Membership

MexicanCupid restricts certain features for free users. They can message after having been matched only. Also, a free membership is not entirely effective in finding a perfect match. If you are looking for a person on MexicanCupid to settle down, then it is better to upgrade your membership status. Get hands-on experience with all the tools for better results.

MexicanCupid renews paid membership every month, or a person can also avail of the annual subscription. The Gold package comes at $29.98 per month, and the Platinum package — $34.99 per month. These amounts have a discount for yearly subscriptions on MexicanCupid, which many people prefer. Premium subscribers can enjoy all tools and perks for the best experience possible. The suggestions from MexicanCupid for paid users will be more accurate. If you are searching for someone special, it is preferable to have a premium account.

Website Design and Usability

All the significant facts mentioned previously comprise the quality, design, the purpose of MexicanCupid, and its user-friendly interface. The developers make the website more functional and update it from time to time since its launch in 2005. The interface of MexicanCupid brings out all the information of the match or people on a big screen with an attractive layout. All the options will be available on the single main screen. People love the service for its look and functionality.

Mobile Application

Mobile Application

The mobile application of MexicanCupid is a compact version of its website — all the features were incorporated into it. Thus, you can stay online everywhere you go. Unlike the site, only profile pictures are visible on the screen. To know more about other MexicanCupid users, people can click on their names to open up the full profile. Verification of accounts is available on the MexicanCupid app to improve the quality of dating. The application is also updated periodically to cater to keep pace with the time.

Contact Information

Company: Cupid Media Pty Ltd

Postal Address: MexicanCupid.com

Cupid Media Pty Ltd

PO Box 9304



Office Address: Level 5

2502\5 Lawson Street

Southport QLD 4215


Phone: Australia: (07) 5612 5016

United Kingdom: 0808 164 8675

United States/Canada: 1-844-968-0958

International: +61 7 5612 5016

Fax: +61 7 3103 4000



MexicanCupid is the best dating site and mobile application for people interested in Mexican singles. If you are looking for a like-minded person, it helps you to find them with its unique algorithm. It suggests people of the same interests that suit your profile. If you are in your late 20sor early 30s looking to settle down, then give MexicanCupid a try. Meet your better half from the millions in the world with the help of this amazing service. Don’t worry about your geographical location — MexicanCupid can connect people from all around the world. Search, Match, Flirt, Meet, and Be Happy using MexicanCupid. You are bound to try MexicanCupid today!

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