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MeetMindful Review 2022

MeetMindful Review 2022
About Site
Active Audience 84%
Quality Matches 93%
Popular Age 18-28
Profiles 500
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 9.3
Popularity 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The community site members happen to be like-minded, so it's quite possible to find some genuine friends here. Therefore, it is not only made to find a suitable partner for a romantic relationship.
  • This Meetmindful site facilitates all its users to check the profiles of other members who have created their account free of charge.
  • All the most important and unique features of this dating site are free for the members. This dating site aims at providing a genuine platform for the members to find serious and deep connections.
  • The Meetmindful site app makes an effort to be an appropriate place for like-minded people to come together and get mingle with each other.
  • The application version of this dating site happens to be full of bugs and very slow.
  • This dating site does not offer many features to the free members due to which few of the users feel that they are forced to take the subscriptions of this amazing site.
  • Most of the members who are using this dating site belong to the bigger cities. This MeetMindful platform’s location-specific matching may not give tremendous results related to the same.

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It is a new dating site launched in 2015, which has immensely opened the ways of establishing a mindful community, allowing several people to look out a perfect partner for long-term friendship and love.

With the name itself, i.e., MeetMindful inclined towards serving those people possessing a higher awareness towards leading a healthier and more mindful kind of lifestyle.

As, there a different ways to further classify a person’s mindfulness, and this dating site has sorted all these things perfectly. Entirely, it depends upon a person regarding the preference they choose the ways related to leading a life mindfully. Further on, it allows that particular individual to express their views about the commitment regarding the kind of lifestyle they are living.

How does it work?

Although this dating site works on the same guidelines as most of the other dating platforms do. The users of this dating site can check the profiles of other members and can also like them or send a message if they wish to. Those people who have taken the membership of this dating site cannot interchange messages one on one.

Paid members have the privilege to send messages as maximum as they wish as there is no limitation to the other members with whom they have not made any sort of connections.

The schedule of this dating platform is that it works on the concept of location. As it matches, and after that, notified to its member’s the other person’s presence based on the location of that particular individual.

Meetmindful How does it work

Sign-Up & Login Process

It allows the user to register themselves through their Facebook account. It automatically fetches the data once a particular individual has created their account on the MeetMindful site, or another option of signing up on this dating site is through their e-mail id, which in turn followed by the verification process.

The entire process of signing up on this dating site will only take five minutes to complete. Once an individual has successfully verified their e-mail, which they used while signing up, this dating site’s page will automatically take them to a series of pages with so many questions that that particular individual has to answer. There is no harsh rule, so that particular individual can also skip this step if they wish, but at last, that particular individual profile will be left empty.

While registration on this dating site, first and foremost thing, this MeetMindful page will ask that particular member to tell about their sexual orientation as well as their sexual preferences in terms of the match.

Meetmindful Sign-Up & Login Process

Profile Interface

Suppose any person is creating an account on this dating site. In that case, that particular individual must prepare themselves to describe themselves in words about the things that individuals like the most. Completing the whole profile may take enough time, as there are most of the fields where an individual has to write down the answer in the essay-type and not the typical sort of thing, i.e., “Selecting what best describes them.” The profile interface comprises the things that an individual has to write in their own words and describe how they choose to live their lives mindfully. Further on, the information tab is divided into three sections, as listed below:

Account profile – This section includes all the basic information about an individual who has signed up on this dating site.

Surface – In this tab, an individual has to describe what type of partner they are looking for, what is exactly their life mantra, and information about their likes and dislikes.

Depth – In this column, a person has to describe how that particular individual chooses to live their life mindfully and how committed it is in this kind of lifestyle.

This dating site provides enough space to all the members related to their profile information and facilitates the user to upload up to 6 photos. Even later on, if that member wants then, they can go and edit their profile details.

Meetmindful Profile interface


Those members who have taken the membership are given ten possible matches daily. Then, they can decide whether they like it or not and want to communicate with them further.

This dating site app match recommendation works on the location-based. So simultaneously, the available search filter is for the paid members as per the distance specification. This site has an advanced search filter for the paid members where that particular person can make the amendments as per their choice and choose their ideal soulmate with whom they can communicate.

Meetmindful Matches/Communication

Members structure and activities

The majority of these dating site members are from the big cities in the US who are interested in friendship and dates. This Meetmindful site is ruled by the women with around 70% proportion, whereas the percentage of the male members is around 30% who have created their account on this dating site. Overall, there are around 246,000 members who reside in the USA, although, 38,000 new members log in every month on this fabulous dating site.

Users Age

Sexual P3- references

This dating site is open for all the people, and it has no gender biases.

Race and Ethnicity

It is a perfect platform and a great way to find like-minded people interested in an inter-racial relationship in race and ethnicity.

Religious Orientation

This dating site gives no preference to any caste and creed.

Meetmindful Sexual preferences

Meetmindful dating website features

This dating site has added a few advanced features that help every individual find a suitable match quickly. These listed features are only available for those who have taken the subscription of this dating site.

Advanced Search Filters: This feature has specific categories which can, therefore, help an individual to filter out their match as per their imagination, provisions, desire, and many more aspects. Using this feature will enable an individual to be matched with those people with whom that particular person is most likely to feel more compatible.

See who’s Premium: It is a unique feature compared to the other dating site as it majorly focuses on allowing an individual to distinguish among the match recommendations provided by this dating site and connections have taken the premium memberships. So, its advantage is that it helps in knowing the users who can reply to the message even without matching the profiles.

Chat Anyone: Those individuals who have taken the subscription can send the message to anyone they like, irrespective of whether that particular individual hasn’t matched with the other members’ profile.

Browse Mode: This is a special feature of this dating site as it facilitates all its members to view many profiles at once. Even such users of this dating site can also save the other member’s profiles, which they have like and are unsure of them.

Meetmindful dating website features

Safety & Security

This dating site is considered safe to use. Major issues related to scamming, gold-digging, and user information misuse are being reported much lesser in comparatively than other dating sites.

Is MeetMindful Legit or Scam Swervice?

This dating site is a scam.

Is MeetMindful legit or scam service

Subscription types and price

This dating site has a premium membership which an individual can take to avail the benefits of this mind-blowing site that are being illustrated below:

If a particular individual wish to take the subscription for one week, then they have to pay a total of $14.00 i.e., Rs 1023.80; for the membership of 1 month, this site charges a total of $29.00 (Rs 2120.73). For the subscription of 3 months this site charges a total of $49 (Rs 3583.30) which means every month the user has to pay $16.33 (Rs 1194.19) and for the subscription of 6 months, an individual has to pay a total amount of $79 (Rs 5777.15) which means every month that user has to pay $13.17 (Rs 963.10).

Meetmindful Subscription types and price

Free Membership

Features of free membership have been illustrated below:

Signing up is free of cost.

Can amend their profile page.

Upload the photos and three likes in a day.

Provides ten-match suggestion daily

Access to search filters, messages connections, and my like features.

Features of the paid membership are illustrated below:

Access to unlimited daily matches and likes.

Communicate with anyone.

Make changes in their preferences.

Check the list of the people who have shown interest.

Opt for the private mode

Check who has taken the subscription.

Meetmindful Paid membership

Website design and usability

This dating site has a modern user interface that can easily allow the members to connect with young adults. This MeetMindful site uses soft earthy tones as a background color, giving a feeling of calm and peace. These captivating colors capture the quality traits of mindful living quite well and attract the majority of the audience with its appealing interface.

The website’s layout is extreme spareness and simplicity but, at the same time, not monotonous at all. The website has structured all its elements and spaces quite well that everything looks smooth when navigating through the site.

The pages of this website are well-maintained and user-friendly. Most of the actions on this site dating are illustrated by the icons which are easy to identify and quite understandable.

Meetmindful Website design and usability

Mobile application

This dating site has an app available for iPhone and Android users and aims at giving a pretty good experience. If any user opens this dating site in their mobile browser, then that particular person will surely be able to access the MeetMindful desktop features while using the phone. This dating site’s mobile app’s interface is quite similar to the desktop version but a little confined. The user usually gets annoyed while using the mobile app compared to the website version of this dating site because the space is very limited, which makes the elements on the app look unorganized.

It’s always a fabulous thing for dating sites to have a mobile app as long as it is functional and well built. The mobile app version of this MeetMindful is too glitchy, which sometimes allows the user to almost impossible to use it. Sometimes, the mobile app of this dating site gets crashes on using it for a longer period.

This dating site’s mobile app has a good future once all the bugs get fixed and will surely become fully functional.

Meetmindful Mobile application

Contact information

Company Name: MeetMindful, Inc.

Address: 1444 Wazee St. Suite 130, Denver, CO 80202

Phone: 1-866-304-6444

E-mail: hello@meetmindful.com


Meetmindful helps several individuals to connect with impressive people daily. This site enables various people to meet different types of people who live mindfully as per their norms. This dating site is perfect for anyone who is looking for a cosmic connection with someone. If that is exactly what you’re looking for, then you must hurry up by creating your account on this dating site having unique features by signing up. After analyzing, it concluded that two strangers, when met for the first time, then their thought process plays a significant role in deciding how the future of both the person will going to make headway with each other if they choose to be together, so this is the right platform for them.

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