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Korean Cupid Review 2022

Korean Cupid Review 2022
About Site
Active Audience 72%
Quality Matches 45%
Popular Age 25-30
Profiles 250 000
Reply Rate 86%
Ease of Use 6.6
Popularity 7.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • It is worldwide
  • It has a mobile phone app
  • It has nice security measures
  • Registration is quick and easy
  • No email verification is required
  • Members are quite limited
  • The mobile phone app is not available on iOS

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Long has Korea been seen as the little brother of China and the not so glamorous cousin of Japan; however, this did not stop Cupid media from creating a dating application that bore its name. This is because Korea’s potential cannot be ignored, as this country has lots of untapped possibilities. Online dating is just one of the few. Let’s take a look.

How Does Korean Cupid Work, Actually?

How Does Korean Cupid Work, Actually?

Korea has long been seen as a nucleus of Asian to American relations because it is easier to contact than Japan, and is a lot less cocky than China that already feels it has arrived in world affairs. Hence it wasn’t a real shocker when Cupid media announced that they would have a Korean enterprise as part of their already growing branches of dating websites servicing the world population.

Korean Cupid was seen as a future luminary in the online dating industry, and that’s a fact now. This online dating service is the Korean version of Cupid, and it is easy to access as it services a worldwide clientele and not merely Korea or Asia as a whole. This dating site might have its base in Korea, but it operates far and wide.

All you need to do to find it is to check out Google or your typical search engine. On doing that, you can proceed to the website homepage, where you will be required to fill in a couple of fields that were made to help the developers generate an online profile for all its users, including you.

Ensure you fill it as truthfully as possible as member complaints of catfish accounts are taken quite seriously by the Korean Cupid team. You ensure that you read the privacy policy agreement and agree to the terms and conditions. Once you do this and are ready to proceed to the next step, you will be redirected to your user profile immediately as there is no email verification process required. To enjoy the full array of features on this site, you ensure that you subscribe to a plan as you cannot message fellow users without being on a subscription plan.

Once you have subscribed, you can now access just about anything on the site. Ensure that you update your profile frequently as this is your ticket to the mentions of fellow members. Now you are live, enjoy your time on Korean Cupid.

How To Sign Up & Login On Korean Cupid

How To Sign Up & Login On Korean Cupid

Korean Cupid is the third biggest Cupid Media owned dating website in Asia, and it has gained a reputation for offering quality service for such a limited fee. It has, over the years, given members both ease of access and value for money, and as such, it is little wonder why the sign-up process is very straightforward.

Accessing Korean Cupid isn’t a chore one, but as you can access the website via Google or any of your search engines, all you need to do is type the website’s keywords. You could get it from a friend too if you desire. On getting to the website homepage, you then proceed to fill up all the fields and do it quite correctly, too, as they will be used for the duration of your time as a member of Korean Cupid to give you both quality match results as well as suitable search features.

On this site, you do not need an email verification procedure, as that isn’t applicable. Therefore, once you are done with the simple registration steps, you can now call yourself a true member of the Korean Cupid website. Ensure you remember your username and password, as that’s your lock and key into the website. Once you have finished these simple steps, you can now login at any given time. Congratulations, you are now the newest member of the Korean Cupid.

The Korean Cupid Profile Interface

As far as online dating website interfaces are concerned, the online dating interface of Korean Cupid is quite basic. It grants the user minimum content, but it also ensures that it opens such a user to an array of opportunities. As such, the user can both be contacted by fellow members and send messages to the members. Once you are on the Korean Cupid website, click on the profile interface, and see free pictures as a paid subscriber. If you are still a free user, you would be merely limited to seeing blurry pictures of the fellow member you got your eyes on, and you cannot even see the pictures that such a fellow user chooses to make public. Now you can take time to update your member bio and ensure that your profile is up to date and fancy as it is your first point of contact with other members.

How To Get Matches and Interact On Korean Cupid?

Over the last couple of tears, online dating websites have evolved astronomically. In the earlier online dating days of the late 1990s and early 2000s, members always had to go through the long and hard task of sorting through member profiles manually. They were hoping that the attraction is mutual. Back then, there was no live location feature, which would make a user get the chance to meet people who live close to their vicinity.

This was further heightened by the fact that there was no accurate match feature a person could call his own. Well, that was up till Cupid Media made it their duty to change the ball game. On Korean Cupid, there is a matching system in place. Here you will get a couple of matches on your timeline at each possible time. It is done daily on multiple occasions during a day; this gives the user the chance to refresh matches at intervals just if he isn’t feeling the present match results presented to him by the site.

You can be matched with a beautiful Korean as an international user on quick demand, and this makes use of your location and preferences. As long as you are a paid subscriber, you can message the matches at any hour of your choice, and you could be sure of getting a good response if you play your cards right.

Korean Cupid Members Structure and Activities

Korean Cupid Members Structure and Activities

As previously stated, Korean Cupid is the third biggest Cupid website in the whole of the most populous continent in the world, Asia. This online dating site has the primary duty of satisfying members that reside in its home base, after which it can then proceed to satisfy a worldwide audience. Hence it has the core values of dedication and consistency.

Korean Cupid, which is a division of Cupid Media, has 800,000 members, of which a vast majority of them are quite active as a staggering 500,000 of them log in on the site every other day and enjoy the benefits of this big-time industry player. Korean Cupid is also on the rise in big nations outside Asia. It is reputed to have about ten percent from the United States of America and a further five percent from neighboring nations in North America. This inline dating platform has also shown a respectable amount of guile and consistency as it has, over the years, increased its followership by the year and gaining plaudits each month.

  • Geographical Locations

Korean Cupid is a major player in the Asian dating market, and it didn’t get almost a million new fans by merely being a regular online dating website. It has improved itself and expanded its coast far beyond its locality, turning into a global brand that ensures both contents and quality. Most of its members are from South Korea, as that is the more liberal Korea compared to the hard to relate with North Korea.

It has also expanded its coast to other parts of Asia over the years. Foreigners love the site too as the site doesn’t segregate them, but it gives them equal perks and interest opening them to the chance of giving their members the chance to check out Korean women. It promotes linking up and has done so since its creation together with its Chinese and Japanese contemporaries. It is one of the bigger Cupid branches in Asia.

Users Age

As a nation, South Korea has a rigorous no minor policy as it pertains to activities that it considers explicit or adult related. It ensures that young users are not exposed to the numerous arrays of NSFW content and unsavory things on the World Wide Web. All organizations in the country are made to sign agreements to ensure that they keep to their end of the bargain.

Cupid Media knew this, and they essential know that they have to keep this contract. Hence Korean Cupid has a policy that clearly states that members must be at least eighteen years of age before they can be allowed to enjoy the numerous fresh and clean features of this site.

It ensures that members are well taken care of and adequately protected from catfish accounts of mischievous minors. Most of its users are between the age of 25 and 35, as that is the sweet spot. It is a hookup site and a long-term site for lovers interested in happily ever after.

Sexual Preferences Explained

Male and female users are welcome to Korean Cupid, and they are given equal opportunities to find what they desire and leave with smiles on their faces. There is no partiality whatsoever, and the whole point is that members feel a sense of unity and service on this platform with no hesitation whatsoever. The site is open to all, and it is also known for allowing an array of members with different takes on sexual preferences.

It allows straight, gay, bisexual, lesbian, and transgender people to find love with relative ease and gives them the chance to enjoy that ease of service without coming off as clingy. There is no homophobia as one of the cardinal principles of Korean Cupid. It has gained innumerable plaudits over the years from the binary community as it ensures that members are well represented. It removes members that are intolerant and cannot discard the problem of homophobia.

Race and Ethnicity Information

You might look at the name Korean Cupid and merely dismiss it with a wave of the hand. How would something that has a name that sounds, so race-specific, go on and claim that it is open to all races, cultures, and ethnic groups?

This has been the question that most Asian based online dating websites have had to answer over the years, and quite clearly, Korean Cupid is no different. However, contrary to what people think, Korean Cupid has well and truly broken this stereotypical sentiment. It is an Asian site, but it caters for all ethnic groups to the beat of its ability. It ensures no group is left out of the fun, and it hates racism of any kind.

Religious Orientation

Korean Cupid has made it its point of call to welcome just about anybody to its site to enjoy the aide range of benefits as an online dating website per excellence. It doesn’t care about a user’s heritage; all it cares about is giving a user such a great time to ensure that all are on board to make the experience worthwhile and super enjoyable.

Hence, Korean Cupid allows all religions on its platform, and it is not religious specific. It doesn’t allow bigotry whatsoever, and it frowns at excess propaganda on its site. It is not Christian Mingle; neither is Matchbox, and it would love to remain that way, giving users quality service, offering inclusiveness, and ensuring that it doesn’t break from the norm.

Korean Cupid Dating Website Key Features

Korean Cupid Dating Website Key Features

Korean Cupid is one of the better developing online dating websites out there. It has been one of the main success stories of the well praised and critically acclaimed Cupid Media group of companies. It has an array of features such as a cool chat room where members can exchange pleasantries and have fun outside the personal sphere. It has a cool matching system that optimizes to give users an awesome time, and it also has sophisticated chat features.

  • Match System

Following global practices and maintaining your core values is a hard niche to follow in the online dating website industry. One of the sites that have kept this mantra after achieving mainstream fame is Korean Cupid. This site has kept up its classy match system. Members can easily get matched with potential lovers and possible spouses. Foreign members are not left out as they could also get some eye candy with this feature. You need to be a subscriber to enjoy this, and it is a known fact that on Korean Cupid matches can be refreshed each day. This site promotes diversity.

How To Search And Find On Korean Cupid

Without a search feature and a matching feature on an online dating website, it is hard to see how useful it would be to give a user quality service and value for money. Without the ability to search, how will it be possible for a user to find the partner of his or her dreams? On Korean Cupid, this isn’t a problem.

To use the search feature, you scroll up the website screen. On doing this, you can now click on the search toggle. You see a couple of filters that you can proceed to sort out the point of desire. Now that you are done with this, you can now chat with your search results.

Safety & Security Policies On Korean Cupid

Safety & Security Policies On Korean Cupid

Cupid Media has been known to invest in its safety and security features over the years. It ensures that members of this organization are not left prone or open to hackers and men of the underworld. Hence it is little wonder why Korean Cupid is such a secure website for users. This site has a strong firewall, which ensures that potential hackers do not have a field day whatsoever. This site finds out about scammers quickly and ensures that suspicious activities are acted out upon.

Is Korean Cupid Legit or Is It Scam Service?

There is a question on the mind of all potential investors in online dating websites. They usually ask the straight-up question before they think of paying for a subscription plan on a said website. Is this website legitimate? Is it a hoax and mere fraud? Well, I can boldly tell you that there’s nothing to worry about as Korean Cupid is legit. It has been around for some time, and it ensures that it caters to a worldwide audience adequately. It is steadily improving, and you can be assured of fantastic security.

Pricing On Korean Cupid

Pricing On Korean Cupid

You could be a paid subscriber on Korean Cupid, or you could be a free user. As a paid subscriber, your prices are:

Duration / Credits / Coins Costs Total

Gold Membership

  • 1 Month 29.98 USD / Month 29.98 USD
  • 3 Months 20.00 USD / Month 59.99 USD
  • 12 Months 10.00 USD / Month 119.98 USD

Platinum Membership

  • 1 Month 34.99 USD / Month 34.99 USD
  • 3 Months 23.33 USD / Month 69.98 USD
  • 12 Months 12.50 USD / Month 149.99 USD

Free Membership Option On Korean Cupid

Most online dating platforms ensure that members can swing both ways and have the choice if whether they chose to be paid subscribers or free users. Korean Cupid is not in any way different from that status quo. Yes, there is a free membership, and while a member is using Korean Cupid for free, such a member cannot chat after five free messages. He can still search, get matched, and update his profile, however.

Korean Cupid is a worldwide brand that gives users what they want and when they want it. This website also ensures that it gives users the choice of a paid subscriber option or a free user option. So yes, there are paid membership on this website and as such. You can search, get good quality matches and you can also chat or decide to hide your profile as you please.

Korean Cupid: Site Design and Usability

Korean Cupid: Site Design and Usability

Korean Cupid goes for quality, and as such, it is little wonder why it has a cool design outlay that emphasizes quality and class instead of tackiness and graft. The design is very nice, and it is complete with bright toggles that capture a user’s attention as well as well organized widgets. This design is one of Cupid’s better ones, and it is easy to use and grasp for even first-time users of the website.

The Korean Cupid Mobile Application

For a while now in this new age and time, numerous online dating websites, and just your typical service providing platforms have realized that the world is changing. As such, the smarter ones ensure that they move with the change. Korean Cupid has a working mobile phone companion application that is available to Android users, and they can download it for free via the Google play store. It is not available for iOS platforms, which is quite sad and is very similar to the website. It is a wonderful new invention for Korean Cupid as a brand.

Contact Information

Company: Cupid Media Pty Ltd

Address: Cupid Media Pty, Gold Coast MC QLD 9726, Australia.

Phone: +61 7 5571 1181

E-mail: Visit the website

Final Conclusion

Final Conclusion

This is a classy website that has used a set of tried, tested, and trusted principles to give a user of this website an excellent time to find long-lasting relationships and short-term hookups if need be. It caters to such a diverse clientele as it might be named after Korea, but it goes well past that specification. It is very secure as members have shared testimonies of how safe they feel on this medium. Hopefully, it will be available for iOS subscribers soon to enjoy the remarkable possibilities that the mobile phone companion application offers.

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