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Interracial cupid Review 2022

Interracial cupid Review 2022
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Active Audience 79%
Quality Matches 91%
Popular Age 30-40
Profiles 1 200 000
Reply Rate 94%
Ease of Use 8.5
Popularity 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Extensive search and match feature options give a huge client base to connect with the users. Interracial cupid reviews suggest the diversity in which the users get connected. There are matches found from different corners of the world so that people can find their connection concerning their choices and desires.
  • Clean, pleasant interface- the interface of the site is too user friendly and allows their users to access the profile of their potential matches whoever they feel interested in. The site even makes the experience of the users quite interesting and fun. The sign up is quite simple, and logging in gives access to huge matches to surf on.
  • Can view photos and login dates of other users with a free account- having a free membership to the Interracial Cupid app also gives access to certain things rather than making it all on paid membership. With a free membership, one can sign up and log in to view numerous profiles and view photos if they are updated. But if the user wants to access messaging and interact with the person individually in a wholesome manner, then the paid membership is required.
  • Some options require more expensive membership- to access advanced facilities that the site provides; one has to get a paid membership. With a free membership, the users can only access the profile pictures but cannot interact with their potential matches to further grow their connection. So if the user wants to take full advantage of the site, they have to take a paid membership. Even some options that are listed on the website gets too expensive to access.
  • Most matches have not logged in recently- Interracial Cupid was found in 2004, but the users still find it difficult to get their matches easily. As it is seen that most of their matches have logged in recently, this creates boundaries for the new and existing users.
  • No money-back-guarantee - There is no guarantee for the money paid on the site. If the users need their money back being dissatisfied with the services, then there is no such guarantee of receiving it back. Once the money is invested, the user should probably forget about their investment, even being satisfied or dissatisfied.

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Interracial Cupid is the best and the most famous dating site that enables and gives users access to date out of their fear, which means that Interracial Cupid is a dating site that mainly focuses on helping singles get together outside of their race. Not only this but, the portal also helped in bringing a wide range of profiles from all over the world.

In simple words, Interracial cupid is a dating platform where people from different races are coming together in search of relationships, friendship, dating, and networking. A person can date outside their races in this application. It is a huge database of people coming together from diverse religions, races, colors, and castes in countries like the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia. Interracial cupid has become a popular dating site for people looking for interracial relationships. This site provides various facilities to their users to interact with potential matches through messaging and making their experience to use the app even more fun and memorable. It even offers personalized services by its users and provides an opportunity to connect and interact in a diversified manner.

Interracial cupid review

How does it work?

Using the Interracial Cupid website is quite simple and user friendly. It does not have a long, tedious process of sign up and finding connections. One will get their matches based on their personal information. Free based users can only send free messages to the premium users and so to get access to advanced facilities, they have to upgrade to fee-based membership. One can even add ‘CupidTag’ to their profiles, enabling other users to reach the users’ profile easily and in a more simplified manner. One can like a user profile they seem interested in and is further looking to have a potential match and interest. Users can access the profile of the online people so that they don’t have to wait for the ones who are offline and so can save time and start their interaction. The majority of the members who have joined the app have a profile to access the profile if they want to. One can even check the activity of other members of their ‘activity’ tabs. One can know well enough in this tag, who has given a ‘like’ and seems interested in the user. This makes it easier for the user to find their potential match.

Sign-Up & Login Process

The sign-up process of the interracial website is quite simple and user friendly. It allows its user a hassle-free sign up process without much to stress on. This process can happen in less than 15 minutes. While signing in, the site asks for some basic user information and the match they are looking for. It asks for gender identification and then who the person is and for whom they are looking for. Even the gender identification of the person they are looking for.

Then a valid email address and a password are required to further the process. One even has to choose their username during this process.

Interracial cupid How does it work

Profile interface

Even if a person does not have access to a paid membership, the user has access to all the pictures of the connections they seem interested in. the information updated by the user can be accessed by all the users so that the user has detailed information about their connection to know them better and in a detailed manner. If the person upgrades their profile, they even can expand their profile so that their potential connections can have a better understanding while connecting and interacting. Profile information can be edited at any time desired. Anyone can access the profile pictures that the user has uploaded even without the paid membership. Even the profile can be changed and updated from time to time. Creating fake profiles is next to impossible as it is properly assessed and reported by the website.

Interracial cupid Profile interface


One can chat and converse with their potential match to know them better and take the connection forward. People can send flirty messages to initiate the conversation and make someone interested. Since it is the progressive era and Interracial Cupid has introduced prolonged connection features of voice call and video call. People can search online and launch on with messaging and talk to their potential connection to build a better connection.

Interracial cupid Matches/Communication

Members structure and activities

People from around the globe come in this platform in search of their connections. People who want to explore and know people of different races have such features to connect people. There are various fun features and interaction features available so that the users always find it interesting to use the app.

Users age

People of around 30-40 are seen active on this site. Age below 18 years is prohibited from using the app. Proper screening is done before the person starts using the site. Adults are only allowed to use the site.

Sexual preferences

People of all races are welcome in the Interracial Cupid website. This is the app’s specialty that people from myriad color, caste, creed come together to form relations.

Race And Ethnicity

This app does not support any racism or negative thoughts. It is very versatile in terms of a wider range of people connecting and coming together, searching for their matches. Black people come and look for whites, and whites come to look for blacks. People come to look for their preferences and choices.

Religious Orientation

It covers a wide horizon of people when it comes to religion. Numerous people of a number of religious thoughts come to connect with other people with a different religion.

Interracial cupid Members structure and activities

interracial cupid dating website features

‘CupidTag’ is one of the most amazing features that this website offers. It can make the person visible in other users’ searches. This will give them a greater prospect of being seen and approached. It even allows a member to see who is online so that chatting becomes more time-saving. Having a voice and video calls increases the opportunities for better interaction.

Interracial cupid interracial cupid dating website features

Safety & Security

Until a person is comfortable sharing their personal information until they can remain anonymous and create connections anonymously. One should always properly read the instructions on the site about safety procedures. Also, one should always be careful while sharing personal pictures and information in the first few interactions.

Is Interracial cupid legit or scam service?

Interracial Cupid is legit and doesn’t provide scam service. The Interracial Cupid developers invest their almost 24 to 48 hours in checking the originality of the profile or the information created or entered by the new users on the Interracial cupid website. Hence, it is difficult for scammers to create fake profiles. Also, all the Interracial Cupid profiles are so detailed that they give full information about the user, and the free users can view this.

Interracial cupid Safety & Security

Subscription types and price

Interracial Cupid provides both free and fee-based services to its users. Signing up and browsing is free of cost to all the users. Apart from this, there are many more benefits that are provided by Interracial Cupid to their free users such as creating an account, sending messages to users with premium accounts, liking other users profiles, adding a various profile to favorite list, searching people, creating “Cupidtags,” getting matches, and viewing other users profiles. For Paid membership, Interracial Cupid provides two types of plans, which are gold memberships and platinum memberships. Also, the users with premium membership have some other benefits too, along with free benefits such as contacting non-paying members, live to chat with instant messenger, joining groups, and VIP profile highlighting.

Free membership

Signing up and browsing is free of cost to all the users. Apart from this, there are many more benefits that are provided by Interracial Cupid to their free users such as creating an account, sending messages to users with premium accounts, liking other users profiles, adding a various profile to favorite list, searching people, creating “Cupidtags,” getting matches, and viewing other users profiles.

For Paid membership, Interracial Cupid provides two types of plans, which are gold memberships and platinum memberships. For gold membership, Interracial Cupid provides three plans for one month, six months, and 12 months with 24.98 USD, 49.99 USD, and 99.98 USD price respectively per month. Whereas platinum membership also provides three plans for the users. For one month, it costs 29.98 USD. For three months, it costs 59.99 USD per month. For 12 months, it costs 119.98 USD per month.

Interracial cupid Subscription types and price

Website design and usability

Interracial Cupid website is designed so that it does not look cluttered, and all the information being provided is nicely organized. The Interracial Cupid website also provides users with an appealing color scheme. The application or the website does not take much time to get the hang of navigating the functionalities. All the above points suggest that the service provided by the Interracial Cupid website is user-friendly.

Interracial cupid Website design and usability

Mobile application

The mobile application of the Interracial Cupid is available for both the android and the IOS cell phones. The mobile application has outstanding ratings and Interracial Cupid reviews due to which it is making its spot in many of the user’s heart. So it is being operated by millions of users from all around the globe. The mobile app has the overall ratings of 4-star out of 5 where 4-star is for making contact, 4-star for signing up, 4.5-star for profile quality, and 4-star for real-life Interracial Cupid review.

Contact information


Cupid Media Pty Ltd


PO Box 9304, Gold Coast MC, QLD 9726, Australia





Interracial cupid Contact information


Interracial Cupid offers all its users a friendly service, combined with advanced search and messaging facilities that will make them search for their true love fun, interactive, and memorable. One of the most noticeable and best benefits of Interracial Cupid, which makes it different from other dating sites, is that it can detect fake profiles in just a few hours. This is also the best feature because security is the primary key point of the dating site.

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