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FuckMarryKill Review: One of the most original dating site ever 2022

FuckMarryKill Review: One of the most original dating site ever 2022
About Site
Active Audience 76%
Quality Matches 94%
Popular Age 27-38
Profiles 976 015
Reply Rate 81%
Ease of Use 6
Popularity 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Quick registration process
  • An exciting approach to the matching process
  • Possibility of linking to Facebook and Instagram
  • High chance of finding a suitable match
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Not suitable for finding a partner for serious relationships
  • No discovery option in the app

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FuckMarryKill is a dating app that’s based upon a popular game for teenagers. This game has many names. However, for most people, it’s known as ‘Who would you fuck, marry, or kill?’ This app has many similarities with traditional dating sites and, at the same time, entirely differs from them. FuckMarryKill is famous for its straightforward registration process, convenient interface with an attractive design, and incredibly unique matching process. This site’s closely connected with popular social networks, so you can quickly start operating it using your accounts on other websites. However, it’s not available for iOS users and needs some investments. Now let’s see if this site’s worth using, and isn’t it a regular scamming service?

How does it work?

FuckMarryKill is based on a popular game where people have to think about what they would do with others. Players have to choose other people and think over who they would fuck, marry, or kill. When their choices correspond with other players’, it means that they make a perfect match. This game’s popular among teenagers as it’s entertaining and makes people laugh. Nowadays, we can see that this idea has been used in creating one of the most original dating sites ever. The matching process on this site is unlike anything else you have ever seen on other dating platforms.

How does it work?

Sign-Up & Login Process

FuckMarryKill is renowned for its prompt signup process. The whole registration procedure will take you incredibly little time. Moreover, you can use your Facebook or Instagram accounts and link your FuckMarryKill profile to them. The procedure of linking will be made automatically and won’t take long. Rest assured that even if you used your accounts in social networks to enter this site, no information about your membership would leak there. You don’t have to send any of your personal information to this site’s admins. This feature is quite different from other dating platforms, where sending your data is obligatory to verify the profile. Uploading a profile picture is unnecessary, and you can do it any time at all. The signing up process doesn’t require using an email, and no confirmation letter will be sent to you. The only thing you have to know is that only people over 18 years old can create their accounts on FuckMarryKill.

Sign-Up & Login Process

Profile Interface

The profile interface on FuckMarryKill is done in a very minimalistic way. You don’t have to enter much information about yourself there. To prove that your account’s valid and eligible, you just need to link it to Facebook or Instagram.

Lots of fake profiles are a common problem for new dating sites. Many scammers attacked internet dating communities in recent years, and some sites suffered significantly. FuckMaryKill is somewhat devoid of such troubles as validation of your profile’s done right before your profile is being registered on the site. Users aren’t allowed to participate in the community’s activities unless their social network profiles are real.

The design of profiles is also rather simple. Unlike on most dating sites, on FuckMarryKill, you don’t have to fill in many blanks, dwell upon your preferences, or write lengthy descriptions of your personality and history. Instead, users are allowed to present themselves in a free way if they want to. In most cases, they prefer to write the names of their schools and universities and a few words about their tastes and hobbies. FuckMarryKill members assess other people’s profiles just by their photos. This approach is what makes this service different. Here, you can find an almost forgotten feeling of a ‘blind date’ where instant communication makes sense. It is some sort of a teenage chat that brings something new into the world of online dating. This fact makes Fuck Marry Kill one of the most original and groundbreaking dating platforms of today.

Profile interface


The matching process differs a lot, too. It’s designed to be fun and easy. Sending messages is available as soon as matches of users coincide. Communication becomes more straightforward as soon as you obtain a paid membership. Premium profiles have certain advantages compared to non-paying members who face a set of restrictions while using this site. Messaging is free on this platform, and users can set special filters to search for marches according to their age, gender, and location.

However, the essential matching features concern voting for a particular person. You can choose whether you would like to fuck, marry, or kill this or that individual. If you pick the ‘marry’ option and your choices coincide, you will immediately get a possibility of messaging with this person. This feature is rather common, yet, effective because you can see if other user thinks the same thing about you as you do. It brings some sort of excitement in communication and is undoubtedly funny. Don’t forget that a wink system is also available on this site, which helps make instant matching easier.

In other words, such a unique matching process turned FuckMarryKill into one of the most outstanding dating platforms in 2018. And it remains to be unique since then.


Members structure and activities

There is no direct information about members’ structure of FuckMarryKill users in terms of their gender, age, and ethnic background. It might have happened because the registration process on this site is done via Facebook and Instagram. No forms are needed to be filled traditionally. However, we can say that the number of users is continuously renewing as new ones come to the site, and the old ones leave. As for the total number of users, there are around two thousand FuckMarryKill members on their Instagram account and around 500 subscribers on Facebook. This number doesn’t truly reflect the total population of FuckMarryKill, as not all members appear to be its subscribers in respective social networks.

Members structure and activities

Users Age

The age of users is undoubtedly over 18 and more. This site’s Terms of Use prohibit subscriptions of underage users. In many cases, users appear to be in the oldest segment of high school students (still, 18+) as they are interested in fast flirting with no commitment.

Sexual Preferences

No information about any restrictions on FuckMarryKill is found. This platform doesn’t require filling in any sort of questionnaire. However, you can choose the same gender as yours in the list of preferable matches. Thus, we can suppose that it is ok to search for same-sex partners there. In general, a user’s sexual orientation peculiarities can be known only in case they stated it in a free-form description of themselves.

Race And Ethnicity

As for the ethnic background of its users, it can be said that this aspect depends on where this or that user is from. Taking into consideration the fact that most countries have a mixed population nowadays, it is possible to say that representatives of all nations and races can be found on FuckMarryKill.

Users age

Religious Orientation

Mentioning your religious orientation is not obligatory on FuckMarryKill. If you want people to know about your beliefs, write about them in your description of yourself. As in the case with sexual orientation, no direct information about religion can be found on the site or its Facebook or Instagram accounts.

FuckMarryKill dating website features

FuckMarryKill is, on the one hand, just one of the myriads of matchmaking platforms out there. However, it has a unique set of features available to users. These are aimed at making the whole process of interaction between people more enjoyable and entertaining.

The first of them is called ‘Who voted for me.’ This feature shows what users voted for you but didn’t match. In case you unlock this feature, you will be able to chat with these people. It will increase the possibility of finding a suitable flirt partner. You will not only be able to chat with users who suited you but also with those who didn’t.

The second feature is known as ‘Wink.’ Winks are designed to inform other users that you are interested in starting a conversation. You can send winks yourself as well as receive them. On most dating sites that utilize similar tools, they appear to be the primary means of starting an interaction with other users.

The third feature is called ‘Power Vote.’ It gives users the possibility of voting for three users at the same time. It means that you will be able to heighten your chances of finding a fitting match. In case you don’t know who to choose and like all three variants, you can go for it.

The last feature is known as the ‘University challenge.’ It is optional, and you don’t have to take part in it. But if you indicate your university and join the challenge, you will know what university is supposed to be the sexiest one in the area you live in.

Safety & Security

FuckMarryKill Support Team does everything possible to protect its users from data leakage. Using this platform, you may be sure that none of your data will get out of FuckMarryKill and be disclosed in your accounts on Facebook and Instagram. Nevertheless, be careful with the people you meet on the site. The registration requirements are minimal, so try to figure out who is this person you interact with. Don’t send any of your personal and financial information to unknown people, as this data can be used against you. In case you wish to quit this site, you can deactivate your profile any time you want and reactivate it later. Remember that despite all the struggles of moderators to secure your profile, its safety mainly relies on you.

Sexual preferences

Is FuckMarryKill Legit or Scam Service?

Due to the playful nature of FuckMarryKill and a simplified process of registration, it can be said that this service is not popular with scammers. The scamming blossoms on more regular dating sites aimed at long time messaging and communication. The joyful and funny atmosphere of FuckMarryKill is not too attractive for such type of users. Of course, even on this dating platform, you can come across fake profiles. However, they are quickly eliminated if spotted by moderators. If a person you communicate with asks you to send some money, asks for a number of your credit card, or anything of this kind, report to the Support Team immediately. They know how to deal with such individuals.

Subscription types and price

FuckMarryKill offers its users certain types of subscriptions. They differ in their price and duration of the membership term. Pricing is affordable, and almost every user will be able to choose the most suitable alternative to buy. Don’t forget that obtaining a membership also gives users the privilege of utilizing special features offered by this site.

Free Membership

Free membership allows FuckMarryKill users to create their accounts and send and receive messages. They can also invite friends to the app to join in playing Fuck, Marry, Kill. Unfortunately, these are all the features available to them. To get more exciting options, you will have to obtain a paid membership.

Using this site as a paying member, you will see who voted for you and send winks to any user you like. Becoming a premium member will automatically boost your profile in comparison to regular free members. Unfortunately, free members can’t use the full range of all the unique features available for premium users. Using Power Vote is also available for those who buy a paid subscription.

There are several options for getting a paid subscription on FuckMarryKill.

The first is obtaining credits. Thirty credits will cost you 8.49 EUR (with 0.28 EUR per one credit), while for 20 credits, you will have to pay 6.32 EUR (0.32 EUR per one credit). Ten credits cost 3.49 EUR. In this case, every credit will cost you 0.35 EUR.

The second way of becoming a paid user is buying a V.I.P membership. One week of paid membership costs 4.99 EUR. If you wish to purchase a one-month membership, you will have to pay 2.49 EUR. The ultimate pack is a three-month subscription that costs 1.99 EUR, where each month will cost you only 0.66 EUR.

As you can see, prices on FuckMarryKill are affordable for almost every user. It is hard to imagine lower pricing on any other dating platform.

Website design and usability

When it comes to dating sites, it is necessary to make their design balanced and user-friendly. Usability is another key feature that can attract lots of new users. As it was mentioned before, the general design of FuckMarryKill is simple and understandable. Even if you are not too experienced in utilizing dating platforms, it won’t be hard for you to get into how it works. The color scheme is pleasant and bright. Menus are easy to navigate and contain only necessary panels. The exciting and unusual process of communication and the abundance of special features turns using this site into a pure joyful interaction with interesting people. In some way, FuckMarryKill reminds old-fashioned dating sites but with a modern design and convenience of a mobile app.

Race And Ethnicity

Mobile application

FuckMarryKill is available on mobile devices but only for Android users. No iOS app has been developed whatsoever. Besides, users that have older Android versions won’t be able to use it either. Android 4.1 and up is required to use FuckMarryKill on a mobile device. It is free for download on Google Play Store and needs Instagram or Facebook for registration. The display design’s quite simple and easy to navigate. In general, we may say that the app’s very user-friendly. Using it is really absorbing, but the admins ask its users not to browse the site while driving. Such a precaution can be found on the site. FuckMarryKill app’s a great dating software and has some excellent reviews on Google Play Store. Hopefully, we can expect a version for iPhones soon. This would make FuckMarryKill more popular in no time.

Contact information


address: Edificio Altejo, Rua 3 da Matinha. 101. 1950-326 Lisboa – Portugal

Phone: N/A

e-mail: hello@playfmk.com


In general, FuckMarryKill is an original and quite extraordinary mobile app designed for interaction between people and finding suitable matches in an unusual way. The matching process is unconventional but quite easy to get used to. Design and interface are user-friendly, and special features are advantageous and widen the range of users’ possibilities on this dating platform. The mobile app’s well-designed and easy to operate. However, it’s not available on iOS and older versions of Android. The pricing on this site is reasonable, and the paid program’s democratic and affordable for most users. The registration process is simplified to linking your accounts on Instagram or Facebook, which makes signing-up quick and easy. Try FuckMarryKill if you want some new and fresh experience.

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