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FastFlirting Review 2022

FastFlirting Review
About Site
Active Audience 64%
Quality Matches 93%
Popular Age 25-35
Profiles 1 348 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 8.1
Popularity 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • They provide a quick and easy registration process.
  • The website has easy and user-friendly usability.
  • You can find a quick match on the site.
  • They have lower premium plan prices compared to other flirting based dating sites in the market.
  • FastFlirting can be the best site for flirting; if you want real-time flirting.
  • You may not find singles with serious relationships; all are there for fun.
  • They don't have many communication options. You can use only live chat for communication.
  • The site design doesn't look appealing and compelling.
  • They don't have a mobile app version, which is the most significant disadvantage of the site.
  • You can even login with Facebook or Google, which might compromise your data to third parties.

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FastFlirting is a fast and flirting-based dating website that attempts to attract mixed audiences. They generally target all segments of society, ranging from gay, lesbian, and straight singles. It means that even they welcome singles of homosexual and straight mindset. You will find here many singles interested in funny, lovely, and flirting talks; however, the site might not be as dissipated as you’d think it doesn’t encourage users to share and promote nudity on the platform.

It has almost passed eight years since FastFlirting was established in 2012. One of the site’s most significant advantages of the site is the level of namelessness they offer to the user while establishing contacts with others. This increases the chance of having some real fun when you don’t want to disclose information about yourself. If you are fond of having some real sexy and flirting affairs with some smart girls, then you should try the site yourself? It will be great fun!

To fully equip you with the site knowledge, the FastFlirting review will take a closer look to tell you about every aspect of the site. You will be able to know whether to enter or leave the site.

How does it work?

How does it work?

The site works as same as other dating sites in the market. You can use the site in the following way:

  1. First, users need to register with the site; if not, you won’t be able to see other profiles. So, you should create an account before you can log in.
  2. After registration, you need to login and search for a single you like to flirt with. You can have the option by simply using basic search criteria.
  3. You can also do a preference-based search based on your need; this extended the search to an advanced or filtered one.
  4. You can also browse profiles when they are available online and show your dating interests.

Sign-Up & Login Process

FastFlirting gives you a variety of options to get entered into the site. For instance, you can use Facebook or Google plus account to log in. Other than that, you can also get registered by filling a seven mandatory field.

The site has quite easy to use registration process, in fact, without owning an e-mail; you still can start to get their service. At the initial stage, they will require your username, age, and preference for men or women. Then click on to proceed for the next necessary steps.

After entering the essential information, you will need to go through the registration process by filling in the entire essential fields. Without proper signing up, you won’t be able to see other profiles. Make sure you fill all the mandatory information about yourself and then log in to their services.

You can also log in from Facebook and Google accounts. Still, it is recommended to open a new account to make it look more genuine and avoid leaking your data to third parties while the search for a flirt mate. You make sure you don’t violate the terms and conditions you said agreed to it during registration.

Profile interface

Profile Interface

Making a complete profile on dating sites of utmost importance. How does your profile interface look? It’s believed that a well-written with an abundance of uploaded photos on profiles increases twenty times more chance of getting your match than a profile poorly written without having a photo. This means that you should spend more time developing your profile than any other online activity.

Showcasing yourself is the first and essential step toward triumph on this dating and flirting site. The FastFlirting review recommends you to show your real age and upload your recent photo. If a photo doesn’t have to be professional, but it looks real and natural. The profile ultimately reflects your personality that how you look in real life; your online profile is your digital face. Try to take time to write striking descriptions to attract more singles toward you.

The other reason you should have a high profile is that when other users like to know about you, they should go through your profile information. You shouldn’t give write precisely or accurately about your personality, and you better give some space so that someone inbox you to know about you more.

You also fill in all the extra fields of information that can be relevant or helpful to find your perfect flirting partner. This will also help the site suggest a perfect match and present valuable information about you to others.


Communication and finding matches are the reasons why many people turn to dating sites. If one can’t match and communicate, it will no longer be usable, and sooner it will disappear in the market. On this note, what is FastFlirting offering on this part?

FastFlirting gives you the chance to immediately contact with singes as soon as you find your flirt mate. You can send a flirt to other users, if they accept your request, you can both start flirt with one another.

The following matching and communication option you should know:

  1. The website communication feature includes only online chat or live chat. There is no other communication option available. They should introduce other communication features that can take users’ dating experience to an extreme point.
  2. The site matching option includes a distance search. It involves essential search criteria where you can find a single based on your preferences such as age, location, height, and gender.
Members structure and activities

Members structure and activities

The website has done reasonably well in attracting a pool of singles from around the different countries. Since the flirting based dating site had established in 2012, they have scaled up to 40000 marks for daily login. They have a huge user base in countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and Canada.

The website has enormous potential to attract more users from European countries. The flirting culture in those countries at its peak; therefore, they can attract people from there and offer them valuable services.

Users Age

You may find many users on the site younger who are looking for some real fun online. The website looks for the younger audience as its niche is flirting, so younger is seeker to flirting than having serious relationships.

Age 25-35 is comparatively in a considerable number than other ages on the site. The site doesn’t permit users to have age below 18, or they will be banned as soon as the site knows.

Sexual Preferences

FastFlirting target mixes audiences ranging from straight, guy, or lesbian singles. If you belong to whatever sex preference, you can register with the site and find yourself a like-minded buddy. There is no original condition whether you have to be gay or straight, it doesn’t need of that here; you can use the service as long as you want a flirt with someone.

Race and Ethnicity

They don’t target a specific race or ethnicity, either. People across diverse cultures and societies can join the site and take the real taste of online flirting. People from different countries have already been enrolled with the site and getting some real-time flirting experience.

Religious Orientation

FastFlirting doesn’t believe a religious condition to place for users during registration or other usages. Singles, whatever religion they belong, can join the site and get the real flirting experience. But if you are a religious person, you can find some other religious-based dating sites.

FastFlirting dating website features

FastFlirting dating website features

FastFlirting provides some basic features through which you can make a fun-based flirting experience. Some of the features of the site you should know:

Basic Search

It’s a simple criterion that helps you find a flirt buddy based on the preference you set. This preference you can set includes gender, photo-based, online, and age. They also provide an extended searching option that makes you specialized with certain criteria. Location-based search is also available where you can find flirting mate nearby.


You can block whatever user you wish not to contact her/him further. This option also helpful when there are numbers of responses, or you can’t reach them, or you don’t want them to contact you furthermore.

Private Chat

Private chat is essential for a site like that. You can talk more privately with your dating partner than in a group chat room. You can start chatting with others by merely sending them to flirt to invite them for a private chat. If they, too, give consent to your flirt hint, then you are good to go.

Browsing profiles

You can traipse through all the profiles you like; there is no restriction on such activity. The site also makes you rate a specific user’s profile. So, through browsing, you can meet and flirt with singles of your choice.

Safety & Security

Safety & Security

FastFlirting claims to protect user safety and security by enacting its website privacy policy. They claim to follow all the procedures they feel are necessary to protect user documents or data. The website intends to ensure to protect all the information they collect from users during the registration process. And they also intend to protect information that is already uploaded to users’ profiles. Every tentative user must go through the site terms of usage, which available on the website.

Besides all, the terms of usage or service are mandatory to be followed by users. According to the rule of service, you must not post something that violet the terms of conditions such as promoting violence, encourage nudity, incite sexual dissipation, and motivate for drug usage. Violating such terms is your own risk. The site generally comprises many great and humble people who just want to flirt, nothing else.

Other aspects of the website should be recommended upon introducing an e-mail confirmation process that minimizes the risk of entering scammers to the site.

Is FastFlirting Legit or Scam Service?

Since 2012, the review doesn’t found any scam-ful activity or never does the site found to scam people and make money out of it. They are consistently making efforts to mitigate the risk of scamming the environment on their site.

Subscription types and price

Some part of the site features is free; however, to get maximum features, you must pay to the site with the following package plans. The plan is called the Premium subscription plan.

  1. One-month plan comes to on $ 25.
  2. Three-month package cost you $52.
  3. Six-month plan cost you $84.50.

The pricing plan may vary as time pass. You can find them different while you start your exactly online dating because they change the pricing plan consistently to make it affordable and valuable.

You can pay for the premium plan through credit card, wire transfer, and direct debit (SEPA). The premium is auto-renewal. You make sure you cancel or stop the auto-renewal plan if you want to discontinue their service for the next period.

Free membership

Free Membership

Free members get the following free features:

  1. You can upload or remove unlimited photos.
  2. You can create an account.
  3. You can view or browse profiles of other users on the site; you can update your profile too.
  4. You can also view other photos.
  5. You can have a live chat with your flirting mate.
  6. You can find your taste through the search function.
  7. You can send or reply to the flirt request sent by another user.
  8. You can add or block other users you don’t like.
  9. You can get matches through your e-mail.

Paid users get some amazing features. Some of them in the following you should know:

  1. You can send and reply to unlimited winks and messages.
  2. Premium users enjoy all the free features as well.
  3. You can get a VIP badge on your profile. Your profile will appear on most of the users’ searches.
  4. You can view other users galleries.
  5. You will be able to chat and text without any restrictions.

Website design and usability

FastFlirting isn’t a compelling webs design. Though the site claims to be a flirting platform but it doesn’t have adult pictures on its front page. The site color contains a bluish appearance in some of its areas. The website has considerable space, which should be filling up with some fling images.

The dating platform is optimized on the webs page version. You can use it on whatever device is best suited for you. On the desktop version, you will get an excellent usability experience. The dating site should only work on its web design to make it more appealing and attractive. The usability of the site is overall good.

Mobile application

Mobile application

This is one of the biggest disadvantages of the site in that it doesn’t have a mobile app version. The flirting platform may not stand alone like that in the market. It has to be introduced to a mobile app version to ensure users 24/7 availability with their mates.

FastFlirting hasn’t introduced a mobile app version yet. But you can access the website if you want to use the platform through a smartphone device. The site has an optimized dating platform, making it user-friendly for users when they open the site through mobile browsers.

Contact information

  • Company Name: Tyche Technologies AG, Dating Factory
  • Address: Hofstrasse 1A
  • Zip Code + City 6300 Zug
  • Country: Switzerland
  • Customer Support Email: support@datingfactory.com
  • Customer Support Phone: +41 445 802 054
  • Customer Support Fax: +44(0)1278501112


FastFlirting can quickly give you some real-time flirting mate. One of the biggest advantages of the site is having a diverse community across the world. There is no restriction whether you are a straight guy, lesbian or gay, you can join the site and get your real dating partner from across the sexually-oriented singles. Some features of the platform are free, but you must pay for the premium to unlock some amazing and excellent dating features that can take your dating experience to the next level.

If you are fond of having flirted with someone every time, then FastFlirting is the best platform for you as it can provide you exact fling relationship you are looking for. Waste no time, register now and start dating your flirting mate from today.

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