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Cupid Review 2022

Cupid Review 2022
About Site
Active Audience 93%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 18-25
Profiles 1 700 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 9
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Tests for compatibility ensures accurate matchmaking.
  • The free chat room encourages mingling and comfortable chatting with site members.
  • It provides a variety of features to make your online dating experience more enjoyable.
  • It’s easier to go through profiles with a free account.
  • Flash-based chatting
  • Sending and receiving messages require a paid premium subscription.
  • There are so many false profiles.

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Cupid, the “king matchmaker,” as hailed by users the site has impacted, is a solution to one of the most delicate issues of life – Finding the ideal partner. Some relationships have failed in recent times due to no compatibility between the parties involved, while a few others are still on the lookout for their match mate. This is where the solution Cupid proffers becomes highly needed.

Cupid is a highly recommended slick, top matchmaking site with a dash of modern technology. Indeed, high praise for a dating site, and it lives up to the hype. Going on blind dates or casual dates is common but ends mostly in regrets on different grounds. With Cupid, finding an ideal partner becomes easier that it can be done from the comfort of your home.

Cupid proposes to you the prospect of an ideal partner without having to go on multiple casual dates. The sole purpose of Cupid is channeled towards helping you save money and time that could easily have been wasted on dates that yield no fruits. Right at your fingertips, you can find yourself an ideal partner anywhere around the world.

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How Does it Work?

Cupid is a UK-based dating site devised to connect individuals from far and wide to their ideal partners. The desire for true love is an inevitable feeling for every individual. Finding the perfect person to love and be loved by could be quite tricky at times. But, with an excellent adult matchmaking site, you can finally end your love quest with a satisfactory smile.

Cupid is an online site specially designated for men and women ready for serious relationships, which could lead to marriage. While some come in search of true love, the platform also allows room for a fun and friendship instigation.

Do you need an extensive insight into the Cupid dating site? You are in the right place at the right time! This review got you covered even to the minute details. Enjoy.

Sign-up & Login Process

Signing up on Cupid is quite simple and extremely comprehensive. Aside from giving out your personal information, your interest and preferences are also required. There are six steps as are necessary for a successful sign-up on Cupid, and it can be done by either linking up your Facebook or Email. The first step requires you to indicate your sex-either male or female.

The next step takes you to the slot designated for age fill-in. Here, you are to give your actual age for clarity in age grouping and also to ensure you are 18 or above 18. After this is done, you would have to submit a valid email address for verification of account authenticity. Then, you move on to password insertion. It is highly recommended your password combination is natural for you to remember and impossible for any other individual to guess correctly.

The final step requires you to fill in the address of your place of residence or present location. After filling all these biodata, click on the join now to complete your sign-up. The registration time on Cupid ranges between 2-10 minutes, demanding on how familiar you are with online platforms.

Cupid log in is quite similar to the Facebook login. All you need to do is input the email address and password you had previously given while registering, and you are good to go.

Sign-up & Login Process

Profile Interface

The Cupid profile interface navigation is quite effortless in navigation. This makes it easy for Cupid users to change their profile details anytime they feel like without complications. All profile details are made public by default. Free Cupid users are only permitted to see just a single photo from the other users.

Cupid site has a lot of available text boxes and fields for you to fill out to make your Profile exciting and distinct. These profiles provided on the Cupid site are well detailed and informative and bring to the spotlight its users varying personalities and tastes. The text fields to fill out include Sexual orientation, Physical characteristics (height, body build, etc), Nationality, Education, and a few others. You can give a more detailed description of yourself using the text box tagged “About Me.” Cupid site possession of “Personality Sliders” makes it unique in comparison to other dating sites.


Cupid site provides its users with numerous means of interaction with other members, ways such as sending cupid arrows or winks serve as actions of intent to wanting to know someone. This makes it easier for you to interact and ask questions. The Multiflirt attribute creates room for message sending to everyone on your result search list.

One of the ways of coming across your possible match is the “Special 7”, a page that presents you with seven promising matches daily; you can choose any of the seven as a potential match by selecting Yes, Maybe or No. This task works adequately well if your Profile is filled out.


Members Structure and Activities

Cupid dating site has been in existence for a few years but still doesn’t have the numbers its present dating associates command when it comes to members. However, Cupid still boasts a sufficiently satisfactory number of users. Daily observations have confirmed many of its users are always online, as established by the number of individuals who use the chat room for the best part of their day.

In similitude to other dating sites, Cupid also has its fair share of members in search of serious relationships, which could lead to marriage.

Cupid has a network of 1.7 million users worldwide. Though 1.2million Cupid users originate from U. S. A, the site still boasts of powerful worldwide recognition and influence. The site gets 500,000 users pushing traffic to it weekly with 160,000 site visits from the U. S A.

Cupid is primarily dominated by men, with a gender ratio of 35% female and 65% male. Notwithstanding, female users are quite proactive on the site and always prepared to take action to find true love rather than wait. A large percentage of Cupid users fall with the age bracket of 19-39years. Nonetheless, there’s a substantial number of users outside that age bracket.

Users Age

Cupid site is open to you once you are of legal age, i.e., 18 to 65+. The site is seen as a glimmer of hope in the matchmaking world, as it doesn’t set the age limit to the search for true love. But, instead, it proffers a solution to its users well advanced in age, especially those who had given up on finding their ideal partner. Though the site is predominantly youth populated due to their youthful zest and eagerness, the older ones still have room to rekindle their lost hope for love. To be accepted as a member on the cupid site, you must be aged 18 or above.

Sexual Preferences

Cupid is an easily accessible site; for this reason, it accepts anyone who wants to be a member, not minding their sexual orientation. After registration, new members are handed the freedom to choose their gender of sexual interest. You can also search for members based on their sexual preferences. This search filter gives you a means via which you can seek out your desired partner (Straight, Gay, Bisexual).

Race and Ethnicity

There are a wide variety of individuals who use the Cupid site, with most of its users coming from the USA. The site welcomes members of different nationalities from every corner of the world daily. Races on the platform range differently, but each of them is welcomed here.

Religious Orientation

Though the sole aim of Cupid doesn’t bring forth religious activities to the forefront of its operations, it also doesn’t caution its members against it either. The site is open to all and sundry regardless of your religious orientation or belief system. Some registered members are Christians, Islamists, to name but a few. Cupid intends to help its members write their own love stories with whom they deem as ideal.

Religious Orientation

Cupid Dating Website Features

Cupid possesses distinct features with unique functions to improve the user site experience and also increase the chances of ideal matchmaking with features like Wink, Cupid arrow, Likebook, Q-Match, Safe mode.

The Wink feature creates room for swift casual flirtatious action with members on the site. It creates an aura of positivity within the members.

The Cupid Arrow feature is an accumulation of perks that can be acquired individually without a premium subscription. The perks offer a variety of greater visibility; as a result, search for little visibility or even anonymity.

The LikeBook feature is a matchmaking system proposed by Cupid. At a particular moment, a random profile of a user is brought before you, along with all the essential details needed. It’s then up to you to like the user or send a message directly to the user or advance to the next Profile.

The Quiz matching or Q-Match is the site’s specially designated test for compatibility. Cupid aims to become more familiar with you via expression of facts with regard to your nature, what you find fun and exciting, habits, your stand on a relationship, and a few others.

The Safe Mode feature, as the name implies, ensures every Cupid user is guaranteed safety. This feature consists of three selections: Off, Basic, and Full. With Safe Mode off, any user on the website can contact you with ease. With the Safe Mode set to basic, only members of the site that are viewed as credible are given access are to reach out to you. When the Safe Mode is on, only verified Cupid users could reach out to you.

Safety and Security

On the Cupid site, user safety and security is a top priority. The site protects its members’ details immediately, so they stay anonymous while getting acquainted with their fellow users. It is your personal choice on what you decide to share. The site’s in-site messaging and chat allow for interaction without the need for your own contact devices.

For more details on the daily routines of the Cupid online dating services, we recommend you read through the website’s conditions of privacy and safety hints for online dating.

Is Cupid a Legit Or Scam Service

Cupid is under the ownership of NSI Holding Limited, a legitimate company with acquired legal rights to run a dating website. Also, the site has been around since June 2002, with a high degree of success in helping individuals find their true love. This is enough proof to affirm its legitimacy.

Is Cupid a legit or scam service

Subscription Types and Price

The subscription types on Cupid come with their different price tags. Cupid site recognized currency for payment is the U. S dollars except stated differently. Prices attached may vary depending on the locality, time, or point of access. The three membership subscription types include Basic, Gold, and Platinum.

Free Membership

Of the three listed subscription types aforementioned, the Basic membership is the free membership, which is open to all but very limited. There are so many restrictions placed on activities in this type. As a free member, you are only allowed to register your account and other necessary site navigation. Here, you can create your Profile and carry out members’ search results function. You can also get yourself involved in the quiz matching and chat room. That’s all! No room for sending and receiving messages between you and other users.

How are you to achieve your aim of finding true love? Well, to accomplish this, you have to let your money do the talking while you get a piece of the action.

Payment for the Cupid paid membership marks the beginning of your journey to finding your ideal partner. Here, genuine communication is widely explored with no limitations, as seen in the Basic membership subscription type. However, the silver premium still stands out as the best for the paid membership.

The Gold membership subscription type offers the following services: A very informative search, Profile commenting, Chatting, Sending, and receiving messages. The Gold membership cost for a 24hour pass is $0.66, the cost for one month is $24.99, for 3 months $44.97, Six months $59.94, and 12 months for $83.88.

The Platinum membership subscription type provides you with the following: Extensive informative search, and a higher ranking of Profile in the search results. The Platinum Membership price for a 24-hour pass is $0.99, the cost for 1 month for $29.99, three months for $50.97, Six months for $71.94, 12 months for $95.88. All subscriptions are billed in one installment via payment methods accepted, such as Visa, Drivers club, PayPal, MasterCard, and Postal orders.

Paid Membership

Web Design and Usability

Exploring the Cupid’s website as a whole is a fantastic experience. The presence of many responsive buttons to click on opened doors to the discovery of a lot of exciting features. Nevertheless, not everyone would see it in this light and appreciate it, as some complain about the excess clicking. Divided opinions with regard to the number of clickable buttons are probably the only point of discord among its members. Every user of the Cupid site would unanimously agree that the blue and white layout gives the site a neat and enticing appearance.

Mobile Application

Recent developments have seen many dating sites go the extra mile of ensuring they have their platforms available as apps. Cupid’s site is accessible through the Mobile App. With the only downside being the availability and suitability of the app to only iOS users. We do not know if the creators already have things in place to put out an Android version, as not everyone uses an iPhone.

If you know your way around the desktop version, you should have no issues using the app on your iPhone. Aside from the layout colors and designs, the iOS version is the replica of the desktop with similar features. The only difference is that the app utilization of your phone’s location brings you matchmaking options within your vicinity.

Contact Information

Company: NSI Holdings Ltd

Address: cupid.com

Phone: 1-800-481-3117

Email: support@nsiholdingsltd.com

Contact Information


If you’re searching for an ideal partner without the need for numerous dating with different people, Cupid is your go-to site, as it provides an elevated level of bonding and action. This makes the odds of you finding a promising partner much higher. The availability of the 24/7 stand-by customer support team ensures its users are well assured of an enjoyable experience throughout their membership on the platform.

Most individuals may not want to fully commit to the cause by choosing the basic membership due to fear of the unknown the website may hold. Nevertheless, you should go all in and opt for the Silver or Gold membership to truly enjoy the site’s true essence. Sign up for Cupid today to find true love with ease and convenience. Try the Cupid way. Take a look and tell us what you think.

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