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Coffee Meets Bagel Review 2022

Coffee Meets Bagel Review 2022
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Active Audience 67%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 25-26
Profiles 1 800 000
Reply Rate 93%
Ease of Use 7.3
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • A significant following of people over many cities.
  • Several unique features.
  • Only active members are shown rather than the members who haven’t logged in for over 14 days.
  • A user-friendly interface with excellent customer care
  • The chances of getting a match are most likely only if you live in a significantly populated city.
  • No search option provided.
  • You are given a minimal number of choices daily.

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Coffee Meets Bagel is an App that offers what most dating apps fail to provide. It deals with giving users quality, unlike other dating apps which splatter you with an abundance of choices. This app mainly aims to give women the best possible matches. You will get to know all of it as you read this review of the Coffee Meets Bagel app. Let’s begin with some pros and cons of using this app.

How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?

There is a lot that goes into giving you what the website promises you to give. Each preference of yours is taken into consideration with care. You are only shown profiles of people whom you are most likely to contact. Women are only shown profiles of men who have already liked their profile, giving them the full authority of who they want to choose. There is also a currency of their own called “Beans.” Coffee Meets Bagel is a beautiful dating website for women who are very busy with their day to day activities. There is also a particular thing that Coffee Meets Bagel does; they look at your friends on Facebook and provide you with matches.

Sign-Up and Login Process

Sign-Up and Login Process

The process of signing in is straightforward here at Coffee Meets Bagel. You are required to connect your Facebook account. It is essential to have a Facebook account if you want to get authenticated and proceed with finding a match. You are just asked a few simple questions when you begin the sign-up process. Coffee Meets Bagel lets you upload photos and make your work easier by letting you transfer your Facebook photos. Not to mention you are given some free Beans when you do the simple job of signing up. All in all, the sign-up process is made as simple as it can be.

Profile Interface

Coffee Meets Bagel has very detailed profiles that are sure to attract you if you plan to use it to find the perfect match for yourself. You will not be shown the name of the person until you get matched with them. The education of each person is the main focus when you are shown profiles. There can be up to 9 photos of each person that you encounter. You can easily edit the information on your profile whenever you like with no worries of any sort.



Every person is shown about six profiles each day. Women are mainly advantageous because they are only shown profiles of people who have already liked them. You can increase your chances of getting a match for yourself if you decide on going premium. The people that you are shown sometimes are the friends of your friends from Facebook, which makes dating much more enjoyable. Once you are matched with a person, you can easily message them for free with no worry about paying. And you also get an option to join the chatroom for free. From our point of view, Coffee Meets Bagel is a perfect website for providing you with the best.

Members Structure and Activities

Members Structure and Activities

Coffee Meets Bagel is known to have a huge following of people from all over the world. It is also an amusing fact that over 95% of their followers are highly educated with a bachelor’s degree. There are 11 million users of Coffee Meets Bagel from the USA alone. It has been successful in making over 25 million matches to date. The use of Coffee Meets Bagel is very prominent in cities like Hong Kong and New York. If you are a resident in a major city, this might be the perfect dating app. There are several users similar to you using this app in such cities. It is also a known fact that you will only find active members in this app. Their algorithm works in such a way that you are not shown any profile that hasn’t been active for 14 days. You can easily make use of this app by going to the play or apple store and just downloading it.

Users Age

Coffee Meets Bagel has a huge following of people who fall between 21 and 35. There is a lot of success you will have if you are also of a similar age. Not to mention that there are undoubtedly people who are over the age of 35 using this app. You can find a match for yourself, even if you are a little older. It is overall an excellent app for all sorts of people, and you won’t have many complaints using it.

Sexual Preferences

Coffee Meets Bagel is open to everything. There is a place for every type of person here concerning their preferences. As soon as you open the app, you are asked a few simple questions. These simple questions are- what is your gender, and what sort of person do you prefer. It is to show Coffee Meets Bagel has to offer something to you whatever gender you might be interested in. All in all, Coffee Meets Bagel is an excellent app for you if you want to find a match for yourself without any trouble that comes along with it.

Race and Ethnicity

Race and Ethnicity

Coffee Meets Bagel does not discriminate when it comes to a person’s race and ethnicity. You can specify what sort of race you belong to and what is your ethnicity. There is no compulsion for you to enter what race you belong to. Whatever race you might belong to, it need not be a worry of yours. The people who use Coffee Meets Bagel are said to be very educated. When there are people who have an education, there is usually no traces of discrimination. Considering that Coffee Meets Bagel is very much used in countries like China and South Africa, there are sure to be people of many different races.

Religious Orientation

During the sign-up process, you are never asked about your religion. It is entirely up to you if you want to disclose or not about your religion. Although, it would be mentioned that there are people of all sorts of religions that use Coffee Meets Bagel. You need not worry; you will find what you are looking for on Coffee Meets Bagel.

Coffee Meets Bagel Dating Website Features

There, as of now, doesn’t exist a website for Coffee Meets Bagel, but there is an app that you can use to do everything there is to do. Coffee Meets Bagel offers a lot of things that many other websites fail to provide. This app undoubtedly offers many exciting features, which you will only find here and nowhere else. Let us list all the important features of this app to you in a proper manner: –

Beans: This unique feature is a currency of Coffee Meets Bagel that is unique to only them. You can buy these beans with real money to get access to a lot of premium features without actually being a premium member.

Ladies Choice: If you are a woman and decide on using this app, then most probably, you are going to have the best time of your life. There is so much that the app has to offer to women. You are only shown men who have already liked your profile in advance, and you just have to do the simple job accepting one of them.

The Photo Lab: This is unique to Coffee Meets Bagel. It is a feature which will help you in deciding what photo of yours is the best. You can run an A/B test. Here the other members who use Coffee Meets Bagel get to vote on which picture is the better one. There is also a way for you to determine how your profile stands compared to other users’ profiles and tell you how you can improve it.

There are many more features that Coffee Meets Bagel has to give to its users, but these three are the highlights. You can check out the other features like discover, give, take, and many more if you decide on joining the Coffee Meets Bagel community.

Safety & Security

Safety & Security

If you are wondering about how safe it is to use Coffee Meets Bagel, here is the answer to that question of yours. Coffee Meets Bagel has a policy where you need to have an authentic Facebook account to start using all its features. Every person needs to link their Facebook account to make use of this app, and also it needs to get verified. So, when it comes to your safety from other users, it is assured that you will have no trouble at all. There is also a mention in their policies that all user information will be kept safe and never distributed. It should not be a worry of yours about safety if you are a user coffee Meets Bagel.

Is Coffee Meets Bagel Legit or Scam Service?

When it comes to whether Coffee Meets Bagel is a legitimate service, you can be sure it is away from any scams. Coffee Meets Bagel had, at one point in time, become the most used dating app by the people in the US. When a service becomes number one, there is no way it can be a scam service. Upon that, the costs for you to go premium with Coffee Meets Bagel are very reasonable when considering the number of services they have to offer. If you are wondering whether to join the Coffee Meets Bagel community, you can do it right now with no worry.

Subscription Types and Prices

Compared to the other dating websites out there, Coffee Meets Bagel offers some excellent and reasonable prices for their premium services. If you are wondering what the costs and prices of these services are, this review of the Coffee Meets Bagel has got you covered. So, here is a list of the costs and prices:

  • 34.99 USD for a month at 34.99 USD/Month
  • 74.99 USD for three months at 25.00 USD/Month
  • 119.99 USD for six months at 20.00 USD/Mont
  • 179.99 USD for 12 months at 15.00 USD/Month

It has been discussed before, the in-app currency called Beans. Here are the costs and prices of these beans that were discussed earlier.

  • 100 Beans for 1.99 USD at 0.02 USD/Month
  • 2000 Beans for 23.99 USD at 0.01 USD/Month
  • 3000 Beans for 24.99 USD at 0.01 USD/Month

Free Membership

Free Membership

To be honest, there isn’t much you can do as a free member, but you can surely find a match for yourself with a little luck. If you plan on staying a free member, you can browse the profiles of your potential matches. You can chat with them for free once you are matched with no worry at all. You can also join chat rooms for free. Not to mention that you are given free beans as well at the beginning when you create a profile for yourself.

When you decide to go premium, you get to do several things that you wouldn’t have been able to do if you decided on staying a free user. Once you go premium, you get about 6000 beans to use every month. You also get unlimited wooz, and five takes. Also, you can see when the other person has seen your messages. You also get to see the friends of your Facebook friends for all matches. Also, not to mention that there is a bonus of 15% beans on in-app purchases.

Website Design and Usability

Unfortunately, Coffee Meets Bagel doesn’t offer their valuable services on their website. Although you can still join them there, you still have to use the app for matching. So, you need to just head to the play store or the apple store to use the services of Coffee Meets Bagel.

Mobile Application

The mobile application is available for both the IOS and Android devices. So, you need not worry about not being able to use it; they have every platform available. You can just head to either one of the stores and download it for use. The Coffee Meets Bagel app has a very nice and alluring design that you will most definitely like. You will have all the options available to you in the blink of an eye. Once you have logged in, you will have absolutely no trouble looking for your way around. It is effortless to navigate once you have entered the app.

Contact information

Paid Membership

Company: Coffee Meets Bagel

Address: JPMorgan Chase Building, 560 Mission St, San Francisco.

Phone: No.

E-mail: contact@CoffeeMeetsBagel.com


In my opinion, Coffee Meets Bagel is a perfect and trustworthy App that surely will never let your expectations go down. If you are looking for the perfect dating app, this is the easiest way for you to join and have a great time dating. All in all, this review of Coffee Meets Bagel would help you decide whether to join this app.

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