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BiCupid Review 2022

BiCupid Review 2022
About Site
Active Audience 56%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 20-24
Profiles 1 700 000
Reply Rate 87%
Ease of Use 7.3
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Exclusive for bisexuals. The website is specifically designed for the bisexual community and successfully manages to cater to all their needs.
  • Easy signup. The signup process is straightforward. You can register yourself by using your Facebook account.
  • Privacy settings. You can decide who gets to see some aspects of your profile.
  • Engagement. The platform hosts blogs and forums on various topics, making the community more active and interactive beyond traditional dating.
  • No restrictions on couples. The platform offers dating services to everybody and allows singles as well as couples on their platform.
  • Mobile app. The website offers a mobile app to both Android and iOS users.
  • Reduced features. For the ones using the free membership, the features are minimal.
  • Experimentation. Most platform members look for flings, experimentation, and short-term relationships rather than serious relationships.
  • Interface. The simplistic interface of the website might seem to be outdated and old-fashioned to some people.

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If you are a bisexual and are looking for a partner, BiCupid should be your ideal option to find one.

The LGBTQ+ community has now been coming out openly about their sexuality and sexual preferences; there had to be dating websites specifically dedicated to the community. BiCupid has successfully managed to fill this void and provide excellent online dating services to the bisexual community.

The simplistic interface of the website might seem to be outdated and old-fashioned to some people.

How Does It Work?

BiCupid Review

BiCupid works similarly to every other dating website. All you have to do is to register on the platform. It would be best if you were older than 18 years to join the platform. After registering yourself, you will be presented with member profiles. You can communicate with them using the communication tools provided. Instant messaging is the most communication tool used by the members. You can also be a part of the forums that are run on the platform. Singles, as well as couples, are allowed to register themselves on the platform.

Sign-Up & Login Process

The registration process is straightforward and quick. It will take around 5 minutes to register yourself on the platform. BiCupid provides two ways to sign-in. You can register either by using your Facebook account or manually. Manual registration is generally recommended, as it is safer than Facebook login.

The process will be faster if you choose to use Facebook. All of your information will be automatically synced from your Facebook profile. The website assures you that it will never post anything on your profile on your behalf.

If you choose to register manually, you will have to provide the necessary details like your name, age, etc. You will also be asked for your phone number. However, it is not mandatory to provide it.

You will be asked to decide on a password. Make sure you provide a strong password to avoid your account from getting compromised.

Now you will be asked to fill some descriptive sections. These will be your profile headline, the ‘About me,’ and the ‘About my match’ sections. Here, you will have to give a headline to your profile and describe yourself and the type of partner you are looking for.

Profile Interface

BiCupid Review

There are moderate details available on a profile. It works perfectly to get the right amount of matches. The profile has all the necessary information like height, weight, relationship, marital status, etc. You can upload photos as well as videos on your profile. You are allowed to upload a maximum of 26 photos or videos on the website. It is recommended that you upload at least three to get suitable matches. A headline has to be given to your profile, which will be visible to the ones visiting your profile. Try to make this catchy and attractive. The ‘About Me’ column is where a user describes himself/herself. Also, a column describing the kind of partner that you are looking for is displayed on the profile.


Getting matches and communicating with them are the crucial parts of someone’s dating journey. On BiCupid, you can search for matches even if you are a free member. You can start browsing and searching matches in your area right away. However, if you upgrade to a premium membership, you will get many advanced search options and filters. It will make the experience more enjoyable. Also, when you are a premium member, the profiles that you see will be marked if they are free users or premium account holders.

Communication on the website is mainly through chats. The instant chat feature is not available for free users. Only if a premium member gets interested in their profile and sends them a message can they reply to it and have a conversation. The free users can send a ‘wink’ to the premium members to attract them towards themselves.

When you are a premium user, you can send direct messages to all the members registered. Premium users are also allowed to participate in forums and blogs. These are like chat-rooms. You can interact with a large number of people at the same time.

Member Structure and Activities

BiCupid Review

BiCupid is one of the biggest online dating websites on the internet. There are around 1.5 million users registered on the network. Although the website has members registered worldwide, most of the members belong to the USA, Canada, or Australia. It might also be because of society’s liberal attitude in these countries towards the LGBTQ+ community.

Users Age

As the present generation is more open, conscious, and liberal towards their sexuality, most of the members registered on this website are in their mid-20s. The average age of the users is between 25 to 34. To register yourself on the website, you need to be older than 18 years of age.

Sexual Preferences

The platform is specifically meant for people who are bisexual. People with mixed sexual preferences usually join the website. They might be either bisexual or bi-curious.

Singles, as well as couples, are allowed to register on the website. Males dominate the website’s demographic, for females account for only 30% of the total registered members.

Race and Ethnicity

BiCupid Review

The members on the platform belong to various races and ethnicities. They might be Caucasian, Black, or Asian. Also, they might be of American, African-American, European, Asian, or Latin origins.

Religious Orientation

BiCupid is not explicitly meant for any particular religion. The members can be either religious or non-religious. Most of the members using the website follow Christianity. But a considerable number of people also are Muslims, Jews, or Buddhists.

BiCupid Dating Website Features

BiCupid is the most successful online dating website for bisexuals. What makes it a huge success are the fantastic and innovative features offered by it.

  • Messages

Messaging has been and still is the best form of communication in the online world. On BiCupid, you can send mail messages as well as instant messages. Both free as well as premium users can use this feature. However, free members cannot initiate a conversation. They can only reply to a message sent to them.

  • Winks

This feature resembles a ‘poke’ on the popular social media platforms. This feature can mainly be helpful to free users who can’t initiate a conversation. They can send a ‘wink’ to the members they like to grab their attention and attract them.

  • Photos and videos

You can upload photos as well as videos on your profile. A maximum of 26 uploads is allowed by the website.

These are the standard simple features that are available on most of the dating websites. Here are some creative features that make BiCupid stand out from other dating websites.

  • Spark

This feature resembles the swipe feature available on other popular dating platforms. You can exercise this feature by just a simple click. By this click, you can indicate whether you have a ‘spark’ with that person or not. If you respond positively, the other person will know it. This feature is available for free as well as premium users.

  • Bisexual date ideas

By using this feature, you can post date ideas for bisexuals that you find attractive. Date ideas mean actual offline dates. Absolutely any ideas can work here; then, they might be romantic or cute, erotic, or adventurous. The ones posting the best ideas will surely get rewarded. This feature, too, is available for free as well as premium members. More than 25,000 first date ideas have been posted on the website.

  • Bisexual forums

As described above, these forums are like group chats. Here, you can interact with many people at the same time on various topics that interest you.

  • Reverse matches

It is a list of all those profiles which do not match your criteria of an ideal date. BiCupid still chooses to show those to you and urges you to keep yourself open to any possibilities. Your best companions often meet you unexpectedly!

Safety & Security

BiCupid Review

The website is quite safe and ensures the security of its members. Most of the profiles are genuine because, eventually, every member has to provide their phone number. Users can report members engaging in scamming, offensive messages, pornography, or any other inappropriate behavior.

The privacy policy published by the website follows global standards. It is mentioned that the website retains your personal information for demographic statistics and personal contact only. This information is never shared with any third party.

Is BiCupid Legit or Scam Service?

BiCupid was the first online dating website dedicated to the bisexual community. It was started around 2002. Since then, it has always been and still is the most successful dating platform for bisexuals. Scammers are rarely present on the website. There are thousands of satisfied customers from the bisexual community. It can be safely said that the website provides a legit service.

Subscription Types and Price

BiCupid Review

The website offers free as well as paid services. The paid subscription is known as the Gold membership. The pricing of the Gold membership is as follows-

  • $29.99 (US) for one month
  • $59.95 (US) for three months

(you save 33% by paying for three months at a time)

  • $95.95 (US) for six months

(you save 47% by paying for six months at a time)

Free Membership

BiCupid Review

When you opt for a free membership, you get the following features:

  • Registration on the platform
  • Browsing for profiles
  • Sending ‘winks.’
  • Chatting with the members of the other person initiates the conversation.
  • Features like ‘bisexual date ideas’ and ‘spark.’

BiCupid Review
  • Initiating a conversation
  • Responding to other’s dating ideas
  • Advanced search filters
  • View reverse matches
  • Browse for profiles in incognito mode
  • Advanced privacy settings
  • View all photos and videos
  • Opportunity to be a member of exclusive forums on the website.

Website Design and Usability

BiCupid Review

The overall design of the website is pretty old-school. The logo, font, layout of the website, everything feels a bit old-fashioned. It has got a lot of texts and drop-down menus. However, this doesn’t affect the usability of the website. All the contents are segregated and arranged so that they are easily available when needed. All of the buttons are handy. You don’t need to search for options. Overall, the interface might feel outdated to someone but is extremely user-friendly.

Mobile Application

BiCupid Review

BiCupid has designed a simple and user-friendly mobile app. All the features available on the website are accessible from the mobile app. The app can run on both iOS and Android. You can download it from Google Playstore or Apple Appstore.

Contact Information

BiCupid Review

Company: BiCupid Website

Address: Los Angeles, California, USA


E-mail: press@bicupid.com


BiCupid Review

The website is the first and the most successful online dating platform for the bisexual community. It has a strong user-base and provides a legit service. Also, it takes good safety and security measures. To conclude, if you are a bisexual and are looking for a partner to explore your sexuality, BiCupid is the best option.

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