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Be2 Review 2022

Be2 Review 2022
About Site
Active Audience 94%
Quality Matches 83%
Popular Age 20-35
Profiles 2 400 000
Reply Rate 75%
Ease of Use 6.9
Popularity 8.4
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Be2 has the largest number of users compared to other online dating platforms. They say it is more than 30 million users. A massive community makes the process of finding interesting people easier.
  • Personality tests provide detailed insights into one’s personality so that Be2 can later use the results to make matches. Since matchmaking is based on this test, the chances are high that the two people involved are compatible.
  • A variety of features.
  • Browsing Be2 is an easy task. Its simple design makes it more comfortable and exciting for members.
  • The quality of the profiles is high, with detailed information about the owner. Thus, the first conversation is more relaxed.
  • The necessary features available on Be2 are meant only for premium subscribers. Free members can do nothing but browse others' pages.
  • Messages can be sent and read only by paid users.
  • Compared to other dating sites, Be2 is a little expensive.

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Be2 is popular among European users searching for serious relationships rather than hookups. The site features simple and effective matchmaking algorithms to find the best matches for its members and provide an exciting experience.

The site has been catering to its community’s needs for the past 15 years and, like all other dating services, has its merits and demerits.

How Does It Work?

It is the best website for those individuals looking for serious and long-term commitments. Over the years, it has helped many find their soulmates and step into lasting relationships. Like all other online dating services, Be2 also wants its users to sign in first. There are personality tests during the registration procedure, and the results are used for matchmaking. These questionnaires are known for their high quality because Be2 uses anthropological, psychological, and sociological approaches, thereby giving a detailed insight into the user’s real personality.

Once signed in, people can scroll through the number of available profiles on Be2 and try to find someone they are interested in. Free visitors can only browse through the site; no other activity can be done. On the other hand, premium subscribers can message people they find attractive and let them know about their feelings.

How Does It Work?

Sign-Up & Login Process

Signing up with Be2 is simple and easy. But unlike other platforms, the personality test is mandatory here. No one can start using the site without answering the questions and giving proper information about themselves. The test touches upon the character, personality of the potential partner, etc. Once it is done, the results will be calculated by Be2 and used for matchmaking. The website also asks for some basic details about the user: sexual preferences, email, and username have to be provided. Be2 verifies the email ID before moving further.

Be ready to indicate some personal information: name, birthday, education, profession, location, etc. All the fields are mandatory and need to be filled out to move forward with Be2. The website also allows its users to upload their profile picture, but it can be made either public or visible to others.

Profile Interface

As already mentioned, Be2 uses the results of the personality test and users’ personal information to match people. A detailed personality quiz includes questions about likes, dislikes, interests, hobbies, etc. The results will give a complete idea about the account owner.

Only premium subscribers can access Be2’s functionality. They can browse and send messages to others. They can also see all compatible partners that Be2 suggests for them. They make up a completely privileged group as compared to free visitors. For free, you can do nothing but browse through profiles and view them.


Premium members of Be2 have access to unlimited messaging. There is no limit to the number of people they can text. Moreover, they can not only send but also read the messages and add other pages to the ‘Favorite’ list to find them quickly whenever they want.

Be2 shows matches to its premium subscribers every 24 hours, and people can decide whether to move further or not. There is a compatibility score, showing how much alike or different members are. It also displays a marking, which rates the compatibility of one user to another. Based on all this, you can make your choice and contact those you find interesting.


Members Structure and Activities

Be2 claims to have more than 30 million visitors from around the world. Since 2004, it has been helping singles find soulmates they were looking for. Surveys say that Be2 has almost 2,765 people active every week. This means that there are many participants online to chat with and make connections. The website is accessible in 38 countries around the globe, and most of its visitors are from Europe. They all search for serious and long-term relationships. Since Be2 uses a rigorous verification system, the chances of fake profiles are comparatively lower, which makes Be2 a safe platform for online dating.

Users Age

Be2 has a total of 30 million users around the world. Most of them belong to the age group of 25-54. The site has a good gender proportion as the number of men and women is almost equal. Be2 allows only people above the age of 18 to sign in and have an account.

Sexual Preferences

Be2 asks to specify one’s sexual preferences at the beginning of registration itself. It is the first thing that pops up when one decides to register. If a person is gay, they should choose the same gender to ensure that the sexual preferences of every user are taken into consideration while forming matches. Gender is also required during the process of registration. Be2 respects the needs and preferences of its community and don’t misuse this information under any circumstances.

Race and Ethnicity

Be2 also needs to know one’s race and ethnicity to show the most suitable matches. Some may find such questions unnecessary and too old in the modern world, but there are people who are specific about the group to which their partners should belong. Thus, this info is beneficial to them.

Religious Orientation

The religion of the user and the partner is also required to mention during registration. Like racial and sexual preferences, this is also meant for matchmaking purposes only, allowing people to find members with the same religious beliefs and backgrounds.

Religious Orientation

Be2 Dating Website Features

Be2 has a variety of features that make it unique and different from all other online dating platforms available.

  • ‘Just Ask’ is an option that allows the users to ask some pre-texted questions to their matches. This helps to know more about each other without actually having to make a full conversation. Busy people can use this when they come across some catchy profiles among their matches.
  • On Be2, users can add people to the ‘Favorite’ list when they find someone as interesting so that they can easily access them the next time they want to.
  • Paid subscribers can see who has viewed their page. This helps to know how many visitors have taken a look at your profile.
  • Be2 Index is formed by the site after considering the results of the personality test and the personal information given by the member. This index is taken into account while making matches. The indexes of the two people are compared, and their compatibility is calculated.

Safety and Security

Be2 takes special care to make sure that the privacy and safety requirements of the community are met. A very strict verification system ensures that each visitor is real, and no fake profiles are made. This is the reason why the number of fakes on Be2 is significantly less as compared to others. The website allows its members to report to the admins if they notice some malpractices. Users can upload profile photos and keep them private until they want to make them visible.

Is Be2 Legit or Scam Service?

Yes, Be2 is legitimate and one of the most trustworthy online dating platforms available. More than 30 million people are using it, and this wouldn’t have happened if it was not a reliable company. Indeed, it has its pros and cons, but over the years, Be2 has come up with providing quality service to its users.

Is Be2 Legit or Scam Service?

Subscription Types and Price

Be2 has only one type of membership, and the payment can be made according to any of the three payment plans available. They are:

  • 99.95 NZD for a month
  • 299.88 NZD for 6 months
  • 479.40 NZD for 12 months

The prices seem to be a bit high compared to other dating sites, but Be2 and its services are worth spending money on. The platform accepts PayPal and credit cards.

Free Membership

Free members can only browse through Be2 without actually doing anything. They can create an account by signing in and taking the personality test. After this, they will get an account of their own and can use it to browse other pages but cannot send any message or interests.

Paid participants are privileged on Be2. They have access to all functionality, irrespective of their chosen payment plans. They can send and read messages, view photos, add people to favorites, receive matches daily, check who visited their profile, and many more.

Paid Membership

Website Design and Usability

The design of Be2 is user-friendly and easy to use. It is a mix of red and white — colors of love. A clean and calm atmosphere makes people use it for hours without straining their eyes.

Everything has been clearly labeled, simplifying navigation for members. The design of Be2 is more than appealing and gives a pleasant feel for engaging in matchmaking.

Mobile Application

Be2 has an app version to use the site on the go. It has been rated 3.5 out of 5, which proves it to be more than good. Signing up can be done through the application, and it is much easier to use than the website version. The app is available both on Android and iOS.

Mobile Application

Contact Information

Company: Luxembourg, Be2 S.a.r.l



Email: customerservice@be2.ie


Be2 is the perfect online dating platform for all those singles looking for their soulmates. The site hosts visitors from almost 38 countries and enjoys great popularity worldwide. The chances of finding a perfect match here are high, and it is also one more benefit of committing to this service. Be2 will not disappoint you; just give it a try!

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