Cougar Life: Is This Dating Website Real Or Fake?

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Cougars have been celebrated in equal ways as they have been despised over the past couple of years. Why is that? Mostly for their nerve in going for younger men and their excellent wealth and array of talents. Hence, it was no surprise that a group of developers decided to create a cougar-oriented website that would serve the cub’s pleasure and the general public.

Cougar Life: How Does It Work?

What is a cougar? A cougar is a term coined up by some brilliant man in his holiday inn in a remote town in the United States. A cougar is a woman that has her eyes on younger men and goes to serious lengths to acquire her prized possession better known as a cub.

We have notable cougars such as Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, and Serena Williams while we have a lot of low key ones that stay out of the public eye. As such, the cougar population is at an all-time high as older men are going for younger women and the older women are both love and sex-starved. As such, a group of friends came together and set up a plan to create a dating website dedicated exclusively to cougars searching for cubs to devour.

That was how Cougar Life was born. Cougar life is the pristine online dating website that specializes in helping cougars find hungry cubs. This is a public website, hence the ease of accessing the Cougar Life website via Google or any other search engine. You search for it through your resident search engine, or you could even get the link to the site shared to you by a friend conversant with the service. Once you get to the website and you are directed to the homepage, you can now proceed to fill in all the fields that are present on the homepage. This is essential as it will make up what is on your user interface, so ensure that you take your time and fill it to the best of your ability and truthfully too.

Unlike a couple of similar dating websites and applications where the signup process just has a few fields and takes little over three minutes, Cougar Life is not the case. This website has very detailed fields, and it will take you some time to fill in the details appropriately. Once you are done with the medium length form filling process, you do not have to worry about e-mail verification as Cougar Life does not go through this process. Ensure that you read up the terms and conditions as this website is very legal conscious and particular about contracts.

Once you are done going through the terms and conditions, check out the company’s privacy and policy agreement. Once you have done all this and you click to proceed, you will be directed to your user interface. You can now have fun on this platform, ensure you keep to the rules and be sure to have an excellent time with this community.

How To Sign Up & Login On Cougar Life

Cougar Life gives the older women the upper hand and the younger men the free legroom, and as such, it is little wonder why it is one of the most popular online dating websites on the rise these days. To sign up for the website, all you have to do is get the site from a search engine or a friend that is into stuff like that, and there you go.

You go to the website, and you will see a couple of fields that you are meant to fill, such as name, age, sex, height, weight, hair color, and eye color. You fill in all the fields to the beat of your ability and good confidence. You do so as accurately as possible—this is what will be used for your stay. To be a member of this illustrious club, you have to be a minimum of eighteen years of age.

This due to the explicit nature of the site as a whole, once you are done then you can access your user profile with cool ease and you can now login anytime you please at any hour you desire to hook up as you please.

How Does The Cougar Life Profile Interface Looks Like?

Cougar Life has a mature profile interface as the site’s target audience isn’t kids or preschoolers. This website aims to service the hungry population of older women looking for a bite at the young cherry and that are willing to pay some money to that effect, likewise the cubs. Hence the Cougar Life profile interface is basic, and all you can see on this medium is the user’s display picture and her basic bios such as first name and age.

The picture is made blurry up until you become friends with the user you are interested in. You can view photos more clearly if you are a paid subscriber, and as a paid subscriber, your profile bio would be a lot more visible. Ensure that you beef up your profile as that is the best way to meet a cougar or willing cub.

How To Get Matches and Interact On Cougar Life

Cougar Life is an elite club of female users who are ready to pay for what they desire and male users that are not ashamed of going for what they like. This website uses what most online dating services use, which is the matching system to make link-ups more personal and quite quickly. Matching is essential, and it is a breeze as long as you are online at Cougar Life. Your matches will be sent to your timeline periodically.

If you are not satisfied with the quality, you can simply refresh the matches as many times as possible. After you get the match you desire, and it fits your specification, you can message such a match. If the match messages back, then you are now live!

Members Structure and Activities Of Cougar Life

The world population of cougars is at an all-time high. They far outnumber the growing population of sugar babies and sugar daddies. Cougar Life is in the right place as they are the only ones offering the service at the grand stage with such professionalism.

Cougar Life has a total of 7 million users worldwide. Its users range from different continents and nations, both small and big. Its primary service provider is in the United States, as it has 4,900,000 users from the US. As far as active users are concerned, this website has a respectable 150,000 active users weekly. It also pulls in about 100,000 new users a month.

  • Geographical Locations Cougar Life might have almost five million users resident in the United States of America, but that doesn’t go to show that it is merely an American website that caters to Americans exclusively. Cougar Life is a worldwide dating service provider, and it caters to all continents around the dating climate. Members are welcome from all around the world to the Cougar Life home, and it has zero toleration for segregation.

Users Age

Cougar Life is an adult dating website, and there is no denying that. Members actively shop for sex, and they look for ways to find pleasure in young users’ bodies and old users’ money. It allows users the leeway to buy and find ways to find love and attraction in unique ways. This website might not be as explicit as neither is it as kinky as BiCupid but it is undoubtedly up there on the Mount Rushmore of adult online dating websites and service providers.

As such, the Cougar Life team ensures that this website members are at least eighteen years old on the point of registration. Members are mostly between the ages of 25 and 35 for men, while it is usually around the 40 plus range for female members.

This site has a stringent no-minor policy that it pursues to the later. Cougar Life removes members that are guilty of registration before they attain the minimum age. The site also has numerous security protocols to ensure that it nips potential age fabrication and catfish accounts in the bud.

Sexual Preferences Details

Cougar Life is a site that aims to satisfy both a young male population as well as an older female population. It tries its ardent beat to please both demographics, ensuring that members can easily get what they want. Cougar Life has male and female users present on the site, with slightly more male users than female users. It allows mainly heterosexual users access to registration as that is just the medium of operation on this website as most cougars are not into young girls. It allows LGBTQ oriented members on the website, but it isn’t the place for them. Due to its all-inclusiveness, it has gained plaudits from the binary community. It allows all types of preferences on its site without intimidation or discrimination.

Race and Ethnicity Info

Cougar Life shows off its versatility and all-inclusiveness in different fields and none more so than race and ethnic diversity. This excellent online dating platform extends its olive branch to all races, and it is quite diverse in its dealings. It ensures that Blacks, Whites, Arabs, Latinos, Hispanics, and the likes are all equally welcome on the site and can find mutually beneficial love. It punishes racists and removes members that show off such tendencies. It takes pride in its inclusiveness and shows that a website could have no form of bias and still be commercially viable. They do not have to be like Latinomeetup nor Arabslounge.

Religious Views

Cougar Life is not a religious body, nor is it inclined in that aspect of online dating service providing. On this platform, all religions are allowed, and none is shadowbanned. It isn’t like Matchbox or Christian Mingle that only caters to one religious body or the other. It doesn’t allow religious posts; neither does it discriminate between religious bodies. It punishes people that fall foul to the rule with suspension or potential expulsion.

Notable Features Of Cougar Life’s Website

Cougar Life is a mature online dating platform; it does not have a diverse group of unique features that other sites are made of. This site aims to provide the barest minimum to get cougars that they desire and give cubs what they dream of. This site does that quite well too. It does have a matching system, which is entirely accurate as it uses a combination of a user’s present location as well as preferences to generate the best results. It also has a live chat feature whereby members can text each other and even video calls. This is sophisticated and very clear as it is one of the site’s major strong points.

How To Search on Cougar Life

Searching on Cougar Life is a breeze as you simply log in to the online dating platform and scroll up on the screen. You will see a search toggle that is denoted by a small microscope. You then click on this toggle, and it will open a pop up on your website screen. You will now see an array of filters that have many fields such as age, eye color, size, and what have you. You take your time to sort out the filters, after which you can now text the search results.

How Safe and Secure Is Cougar Life

Cougar Life is a sophisticated online dating service provider, and it is on a higher level than most mainstream dating platforms. As such, it also places a great premium on their provision of security and safety measures. It is very secure and has a well-backed website—this, coupled with the fact that it has a proper team of security personnel.

No hacks have been recorded on this website as far as database theft is concerned. It has a little problem with numerous fake accounts, however, and that is being sorted out. Ensure that you do not give personal info here, which seems to be the only way an account can be compromised.

Is Cougar Life Legit or Is It Scam Service?

Cougar Life is an online dating platform very legit in its dealings and operations. It aims to give users what they want healthily and professionally, and at the last check, it was doing a great job. It has millions of users as well as awesome reviews. It has a cool mobile application, and it has been around for some time now.

Pricing Options On Cougar Life

There are paid membership options as well as free user options. The prices for the paid membership options are as follows:

Duration / Credits / Coins Costs Total

Premium Membership

  • 1 Month 40.00 USD / Month 40.00 USD
  • 3 Months 29.00 USD / Month 87.00 USD
  • 12 Months 12.00 USD / Month 144.00 USD

Free Subscription Option On Cougar Life

Cougar Life has a free membership option, and it caters to members who either do not have the money to pay for a subscription package or simply do not want to make the step up in that field. As a free user, you cannot chat. But you can search and still get matched on this medium. You can also flirt with fellow members, which could be beneficial if you decide to get a paid subscription plan.

Yes, there is a paid option on Cougar Life, as this is the website’s real deal. As a paid subscriber, you move from the doldrums to the Cougar Life website’s upper echelon, and it is seen in the extra features you are liable to. You can search, you can get matched, and you can chat with relative ease. You can also make a video call now that you are a paid subscriber of Cougar Life.

Cougar Life: Website Design and The Ease Of Use

Cougar Life has a nice website design that is easy to grasp for new members. Widgets are easy to find, and the toggles are easy to understand. Just about anyone can use it. On this website, all you need to do is access the homepage, log in and look around and see just about anything and everything you desire.

Is There A Working Mobile App For Cougar Life?

Cougar Life has a mobile phone companion application. It is available on iOS and Google Play Stores, and you can download it from any of these stores. It is similar to the website, so you will surely not get lost or confused about the access and policy settings as an old website user. It is an awesome innovation as it gives members the chance to communicate with such ease.

Contact Information

Company: Ruby Life Media

Address: Ontario, Canada

Phone: N/A

E-mail: [email protected]

Final Conclusion

Websites come in different shapes and sizes. Usually, it is the job of a business owner to check out avenues to make more money and, if possible, make users of the website happy and satisfied with their quality. These are just a few of the things that the developers of Cougar Life thought when they were creating the site, and it is quite clear that they were immensely successful with that.

This is a cool website that ensures that users on the older side can get some cubs of their heart’s desires and enjoy their services, which users on the young side can get fantastic cougars to share the burdens of being young and unhinged. It is fun and nice as you can find that elderly momma you’ve been dreaming of.